BitFenix Comrade Mid-Tower Case Review


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Building in the BitFenix Comrade

The interior of the Comrade is very user friendly to build in, especially for novice builders who would most likely be starting with a budget case such as this. Featuring tool-less bays for HDDs and optical drives, installing components is simply a matter of opening or unlocking the bays and sliding the drives in. The CPU cutout is a tad small, only approximately 4.5 inches across, meaning that you’ll likely need to remove the motherboard to install large aftermarket coolers in the Comrade. The motherboard has standoffs already built in, so there is no need to install them yourself, although BitFenix still includes 4x motherboard standoffs in the accessories kit.

Bitfenix Comrade Interior View

To install the ODDs, all you have to do is turn and pull out the locking mechanism, slide in the drive (one cover is already removed for you) and replace the mechanism to lock the drive in place.Bitfenix Comrade Tooless 5.25 bays

Installing you HDD’s is also painless, simply remove the tray and pull it apart, place the drive in then snap it back in place to hold the drive. My only complaint is that as you can see in the picture, the trays do not stay perfectly flat and are a tad bit on the flimsy side.

Bitfenix Comrade  tooless 3.5 bays

The SSD trays unfortunately are not tool – less. Drives are inserted into the tray then secured using the included screws from the accessory kit.

Bitfenix Comrade  Tooless 2.5 bays


This is designed as a budget case, and does not feature very practical cable management. Behind the motherboard tray you have roughly 1/4 of an inch to stow cables, but behind the drive trays you actually have 3/4 of an inch. BitFenix includes 4x cable ties in the accessory kit to help with cable management. The interior itself is quite roomy however, featuring room for CPU coolers of up to 6 inches, and even room for graphics cards up to 300mm in length thanks to the smaller SSD bays.


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