BitFenix Comrade Mid-Tower Case Review


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BitFenix Comrade Overview

The BitFenix Comrade is certainly not a case that is designed for show, but rather a simple, low key design that ends up being rather appealing. The front of the Comrade features 3x 5.25 drive bays, a standard BitFenix logo, and three small decorative indents along the side. The entire front panel is made entirely of plastic, and is fairly sturdy. My only concern might be the edges, which I feel could potentially snap off if sufficient pressure is applied, especially when pulling the panel off.

Bitfenix Comrade Front

The side of the case is completely unmarked on both sides, with the only difference being the addition of the I/O ports on one side. The ports are actually separate from the panels, meaning that unlike other budget cases such as the NZXT Gamma. you can remove the front panel without having it hang by the cables. The side panels are removed by simply removing the thumbscrews, and while made of steel and solid, they are rather flexible.

Bitfenix Comrade Side 1

The bottom of the case is supported by 4x plastic feet latched into the bottom of the case. They provide nice clearance for the PSU fan, which also gets it’s own removable dust filter that easily slides out from the bottom for cleaning. The small gap between the front panel and the bottom is the only place the front fans can draw air through, and as you can see, the front filter obstructs the gap slightly, further restricting airflow.

Bitfenix Comrade Bottom

The back of the case features your standard assortment of one IO panel, PSU slot, 7 PCI slots, and two holes with rubber grommets for water cooling tubes.

Bitfenix Comrade Back


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