ASUS A88X-Pro AMD Motherboard Review


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CrossFireX Performance

We know that the A10-7850K can pair with an R7 GPU in a CrossFireX configuration. Benchmark Reviews has an R7-250 on hand and I wanted to give you a taste of the performance that you can expect from adding a $90 video card to your A10-7850K setup. Look out for my full review of the MSI R7-250 to see how this performance compares with other discrete GPUs.

FM2+_Motherboard_Heaven_CFX16.2 more FPS in the Heaven benchmark.

FM2+_Motherboard_TombRaider_CFXHow about 21.2 more FPS in Tomb Raider.

FM2+_Motherboard_Bioshock_CFXBioshock Infinite experiences an increase of 26 FPS.

FM2+_Motherboard_BF4_CFXBattlefield 4, using the Mantle API, increases in performance by 27.9 FPS.

FM2+_Motherboard_3DMark11_CFXThe Performance score on 3DMark 11 nearly doubles.

FM2+_Motherboard_3DMark_FSCG_CFXAdding the R7-250 increases the Firestrike score by over 54% and the Cloudgate score by nearly 30%.


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