Roccat Kone Pure Mouse Review


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Roccat Kone Pure Final Thoughts

Roccat’s Kone Pure manages to up the ante with its superior 3rd generation laser sensor. With a maximum DPI of 8200 this should match those who are considering a 4K resolution monitor easily. Coupled with the mighty Titan Wheel, the Kone Pure is definitely a precision tool for any gaming arsenal.

The Kone Pure; however, may not be perfect for everyone. Keep in mind the smaller form-factor which is described as for a “medium” type hand, but upon long-term use was found quite small. It practically forces a user to conform to the claw-like method if they have larger hands. This is clearly advertised as a “claw” mouse so no points were taken off for this. Nonetheless, it is important to note since this reviewer has “medium” hands. Furthermore, the pads on the bottom of the mouse cover quite a bit of surface area and are prone to wear done faster and collect dirt particles if not carefully taken care of. This aspect does not affect final scoring since the drivers did such great job of compensating for dust tracking errors.pure_outro


Roccat’s Kone Pure excels at performance with it’s superub choice of laser sensor and the use of Omron switches all around. The special attention alone put into the rigid specifications of the Titan Wheel makes this mouse stand out from the pack. There probably isn’t a ultra-high resolution monitor out there that the Kone Pure couldn’t handle.

Aesthetically speaking, the Kone Pure did it right this time, with just a subtle glowing icon in your choice of color. It’s smooth to hold, has a resistant and durable coating, and does not look out of place for any discerning gamer.

As for construction and quality, despite the fact that it is quite light (and does not come with any weight adjustments), the actual build is very sturdy. The only thing I would consider changing in future iterations would be the mouse pads on the bottom (either have them a different material entirely or make them considerably smaller).

Functionality wise the Kone Pure follows in the footsteps of the previous iterations of the Kone series, right down to the core drivers. The special way Roccat implements its mouse hot-keys are truly easy and intuitive to use. Having the ability to flash five specific profiles to memory expands flexibility.

As of March (2014) the Roccat Kone can be found online $59.99 (Amazon | Newegg), a decent price for an entry level gaming mouse.  Yet due to a few outstanding characteristics, the Kone Pure ranks better then entry level, so this is actually a pretty decent deal.


+ Excellent 3rd generation laser sensor.
+ Titan Wheel is rock solid with admirable positive tactical feedback.
+ Special “Soft-Touch” surface properties ensure durability.


– Omron switches on main mouse buttons a bit too sensitive.
– Mouse pads on bottom could have been smaller for less friction and particle pickup.
– Does not support 16.7 million colors (more like the base 16).


  • Performance: 8.50
  • Appearance:  8.25
  • Construction: 7.00
  • Functionality: 7.25
  • Value: 9.00

Final Score: 8 out of 10.

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