ADATA DashDrive Durable HD710 External Hard Drive Review


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Closer Look: DashDrive Durable HD710

The HD710 has a nice rugged design: a colorful rubber skin over a carbon fiber-looking hard body. On this particular model, the black and yellow theme similar to that of caution signs adds to the tough, rugged nature of the device.
ADATA 710 External HDD 2
he HD710 has a clever cable storage mechanism: a nifty slot running along the sides of the device. It holds the cable firmly in place and attempts to avert the situation where the hard drive and it’s cable are mistakenly separated.
ADATA 710 External HDD 5
With the added protection, one would expect an increase in size. In the image below, the HD710 is placed beside the WD My Passport (another USB 3, 1TB drive).ADATA 710 External HDD 3
aving passed the IEC 529 IPX7 test, the HD710 should be able to remain functional after being submerged in meter-deep water for half an hour. ADATA has steps to make the device completely water-tight. The cover for the USB 3.0 Micro-B connector is indicative of this fact.
ADATA 710 External HDD 6
The ADATA HD710 is clearly built to endure harsh treatment. In the the next section, we see if the HD710’s performance is also up to par.


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    cable connection is a major design flaw.I would go for the WD

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