Logitech UE BOOM Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review

Logitech UE BOOM Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review

Ultimate Ears, or UE for short, is one of the biggest names in the earphone industry, and their product portifolio expanded into completely new territory after Logitech acquired them last year. Despite the major leap from in-ears to portable wireless speaker, UE amazed everyone with the UE BoomBox we reviewed here. They are now launching a new little device called the BOOM. Like the Boombox, the BOOM is a wireless bluetooth speaker with a battery capacity for 15 hours of play time. The BOOM just measures 18 x 7 cm at its widest point and has a cylindrical design that makes it very compact while giving it 360 degree sound emission.

UE also noticed the success of the Boombox and created a little app with previously unseen features to go with the unit for some additional bang (boom) for the buck. The BOOM can either be used on its own or as a pair where the app lets you setup true stereo sound. Its price will, on the other hand, probably keep most from getting a stereo kit as each BOOM costs $200… at techPowerUp!

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