BRAVEN Vibe Portable Bluetooth Audio System Debuts

BRAVEN Vibe Portable Bluetooth Audio System Debuts

World’s first portable Bluetooth and Wi-Fi distributed audio system that wirelessly distributes audio throughout the home and on-the-go through the Braven Vibe App

BRAVEN unveils Vibe, the world’s first portable distributed audio Bluetooth® and Wi-Fi audio system that revolutionizes multi-room audio by allowing users to share music across multiple devices virtually anywhere from any wireless device.

The BRAVEN Vibe System takes advantage of single streaming and sharing solutions across iOS, Android, and Windows devices and can support multiple audio streams concurrently. The BRAVEN Vibe System creates a wireless sound network and allows users to establish speaker zones for customized audio streaming from anywhere in the home to the beach and the outdoors.

BRAVEN Vibe Portable Bluetooth Audio System Debuts

It’s the world’s first system that utilizes Wi-fi and Bluetooth® connectivity with an app that allows users to establish speaker groups under the same network, enabling customized audio listening such as classical music in the bedroom and kitchen, rock in the living room, and jazz in the dining room.

The BRAVEN Vibe System also revolutionizes multi-room audio by giving users the ability to connect their existing Bluetooth® speaker products to a wireless audio network, including legacy BRAVEN Bluetooth® speakers and existing audio products previously owned by the user.

“The Vibe makes outstanding multi-room audio possible for everybody by giving users the ability to connect their existing audio investments through Bluetooth for simple connectivity, and providing a customized and convenient distributed audio experience with the portability of Bluetooth,” stated Andy Fathollahi, chief executive, BRAVEN. “It is also the world’s first portable distributed audio system that adjusts to the needs of the user by being Bluetooth enabled, fully portable and capable of supporting multiple audio streams at the same time.”

The BRAVEN Vibe System is equipped with Bluetooth® technology and can connect to any Bluetooth® enabled device without the need for a wireless network or streaming service. The systems components also come with integrated battery banks, eliminating the need for electric sources and making it fully portable.

The Vibe System consists of a Vibe Station, an all-in-one hub/speaker that pumps out incredible sound while connecting the entire system to a wireless network and to your Bluetooth® enabled device; Vibe Replay, additional speakers that expands the Vibe system and are capable of doubling as portable Bluetooth speakers; Vibe Link allows users to integrate existing speakers as well as distributes audio to additional wireless speakers. The fourth component, the BRAVEN Vibe App, an app compatible with iOS, Android and Windows devices allows users to set up a mobile network, manage devices, control music sources and create zones or groups of speaker on the same network to stream different content and ties the entire BRAVEN Vibe System together.

“The BRAVEN team has delivered a real game-changer. Vibe has the technology to revolutionize the audio industry, but it also has sound quality that exceeds the expectations of even the most demanding audiophiles,” added Andy Fathollahi, Chief Executive.

The BRAVEN Vibe System will be showcased at CES 2014, North Hall 4010. For more information about the BRAVEN Vibe System or the entire line of BRAVEN products, visit www.braven.com or contact PR representative Pedro Chen at [email protected] Visit our YouTube page to see the BRAVEN speakers in action.

BRAVEN Vibe Advantages:

Share music across multiple devices
High-fidelity multi-room audio without servers or cloud services
Ability to use existing speakers
Use of Wi-Fi network or set up a mobile network through a smartphone
Stream live content via Bluetooth and Line-In
Compatible with iOS, Android and Windows devices
Supports multiple audio streams concurrently
Create zones or groups to stream different connect at the same time
User-friendly Vibe System App


BRAVEN, designer and manufacturer of the world’s most talented speakers, is dedicated to delivering stunning audio to today’s mobile consumers. BRAVEN combines unparalleled style with cutting-edge technology to produce premium Bluetooth speakers that double as mobile phone chargers and speakerphones. BRAVEN’s line of superior speakers includes rugged and waterproof models for the outdoor adventurer and hi-fi units for the modern audiophile. For more information about BRAVEN, please visit www.braven.com or connect with us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/bravenproducts.

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