Fractal Design Arc Mini R2 Review


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Arc Mini R2 Detailed Exterior Features

In this section of the review we will be taking a more detailed look at the exterior styling and features of the Fractal Design Arc Mini R2 mATX PC case.


In the previous section I mentioned that the top panel of the Arc Mini R2 is removable. Removal is as simple as removing these two thumb screws and sliding the panel backwards and lifting it off. As the case comes from the factory the thumb screws are secured pretty tight and will need the use of a screw driver for first time removal.


As a general rule the top of the case is used as exhaust when planning your air flow. When water cooling this rule can be negated and this top panel filter will come in very handy.


With the top panel removed completely we get access to the fan mounts of the Arc Mini R2. The panel is a nice fascia to hide these non uniform vents that would otherwise ruin the exterior styling.


Moving forward towards the front of the Arc Mini R2 we focus in on the front I/O panel. From left to right we have: Reset switch, Microphone and Headphone ports, Power switch with integrated power and activity LED, Two USB 3.0 ports (also double as USB 2.0 ports if your motherboard doesn’t support USB 3.0), and lastly we have a 3 point fan controller switch. The fan controller supports up to three fans via internal connections.


The front fascia of the Fractal Design Arc Mini R2 is made of ABS plastic with a brushed aluminium look. This effect is not a vinyl, it is actually cut into the plastic and it has the right feel too.


The front mesh and filter is secured into place by a pair of click lock tabs. I found this out by chance when I was removing the Arc Mini R2 from its box.


Two tabs secure the mesh filter at the bottom and it is very easily removed. The build up of dust is very visible in the foam filter so you will get a good visual indicator as to when it’s time to clean it out. The foam is well enclosed so a strong blow or a can of compressed air is what it takes to get the dust out.


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