Bitmore Qi Wireless Samsung Galaxy S3 Charging Kit Review


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Testing & Results

Testing Methodology

To test the Qi Wireless charging kit and accessories we will record power consumption and charging time VS standard wired charging. There are other factors such as ease of use, generated heat, and convenience that will also come into play and I will also cover those briefly. Charging via a USB lead or wall adapter is so simple now since most devices have either a mini USB or micro USB charging port as standard. The days of multiple charging cables are not yet behind us but they could well be soon.

Test Hardware

  • Qi Wireless Samsung Galaxy S3 Charging Kit
  • Qi Samsung Galaxy S3 Wireless Charging Card
  • Qi XBOX 360 Wireless Charging Battery pack


Charging my Samsung Galaxy S3 via a USB wall adapter will generally take 4 hrs on average. The wall adapter is rated 5V 1.0A and consumes roughly 6.4W during charging. The Qi Wireless Samsung Galaxy S3 Charging Kit is a little more complicated. Input voltage is 19v from the wall adapter, from there the Charging Pad must convert this to 5V for the device to be charged. The Qi Wireless Charging Back Cover for the Samsung Galaxy S3 is rated 5V @ 650mA and the whole setup consumes 5.5W during charging. Charging time varied as it does when charging via USB, average charging time was on avreage 3.5 hrs. The Qi Wireless Charging XBOX 360 Battery Pack is rated for 2.5W power consumption and I recorded 3W power consumption during charging.

Each method of charging your devices has its own benefits. I can’t say with too much accuracy which is the most convenient or efficient method as I think both cancel each other out. The charging pad method is as simplistic as it gets but only really saves me the 2 seconds it takes to plug in a USB cable. Charging via USB for me is the most universal – I have a USB car adapter for when I am on the move, a USB wall adapter beside my bed for night time charging, and I have countless USB ports dotted around the living room to charge my devices during the day. The Qi Wireless Charging Pad can charge many devices from the one location (albeit separately) so long as they are fitted with a wireless charging pack. Charging times are too close to call and I only noticed adverse heat when I charged my phone whilst still in its protective leather case. There is a little bit of heat build up when using the wireless charging kit but not to the point where I would start to have concerns – batteries get hot during charging normally and many devices have fail safes built in.


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