Reeven Polariz RFC-4 Fan Controller Review


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Polariz RFC-4 Installation

The RFC-4 unit comes with very clear instructions on how to connect the device into a typical PC system. Everything is clearly marked and the included cables are well labeled and appear to be of very good quality for this type of device.

Read those instructions carefully, as they include an very important point that is shown but not documented. If the power to the unit is applied before the fans are connected, the fans will not work. Likewise with the temperature sensors, the sequence of installation is critical, and it can lead to a lot of head scratching if you are not keeping track of the sequence of cable connection. If the fans and sensors are plugged in after the unit is powered up, you have to power cycle the unit in order for it to begin proper operation.

Once the unit is installed and operational, the performance is exceptional. The LED display is bright and aesthetically pleasing. The three knobs have a smooth indented rotation that feels solid, and the LED displays update quickly as the control is rotated.

I found that the temperature sensors included with the RFC-4 were particularly useful for monitoring hot spots in the PC. They can be placed near the fan exhaust of graphic cards or in a stack of hard drives to ensure that no hot spots are present in the PC.



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