Intel Core i5-4430 CPU LGA1150 Haswell Processor Review


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Core i5 Gaming Continued

The Aliens vs. Predator benchmark is up next:

intel_corei5_4430_AvP (game)

So far, it’s looking good. How about Lost Planet 2?

intel_corei5_4430_Lost_Planet (game)Here is the first hint that you might be giving up some gaming performance with the 4430 CPU: the 2.9 fewer frames per second you get with the 4430 represents about a 5% performance drop. But let’s throw something really tough at the system: Metro 2033!

intel_corei5_4430_Metro 2033Here, the Core i5-4430 makes up for its slight loss in the Lost Planet 2 test by beating the Core i7-4770K by 1.7 frames per second, or just under 5%.

So based on these tests, if you’re a gamer, there’s little reason to spend almost twice as much money for a Core i7-4770K CPU. I’ll present my final thoughts and conclusion in the next section.


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