Roccat ISKU FX Gaming Keyboard Review


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ROCCAT ISKU FX Gaming Keyboard Software Overview

The ISKU FX driver can be downloaded from ROCCAT’s site, and offers control over the many features this keyboard has. The main section of the software controls the side macros keys along with three easy shift thumb keys.

Roccat ISKU FX Main Screen

You can assign individual functions to the media and F-keys, although the function is limited to a few standard programs such as your browser and email.

Roccat ISKU FX Media Keys Controls

This section allows you to modify the functions of the so-called easy-zone, which is a section of the keyboard designed to act as macros keys alongside normal functions. The macro functions are accessed by pressing the easy-shift key (where the caps lock key is normally) and then pressing the corresponding key. This system does work, but it is a much less convenient than dedicated macros keys.

Roccat ISKU FX Easy ZoneAs stated earlier, the ISKU FX is supposed to be capable of 16.8 million colors, but many of the colors are similar. Even some the single color options look similar, such as orange and red. The keys are set to a “pulsing effect” by default, which can only be changed via the software. You can also change whether you hear voice prompts during certain actions, as well as the brightness settings.

Roccat ISKU FX Advanced Controls

ROCCAT’s driver software is a very basic tool that mainly works for actions you can already control without it. For total control freaks or macro lovers, its worth downloading, but many may be fine with what the ISKU FX can do straight out of the box.  A couple additional features the software has include profiles for existing games (though only games that are 3+ years old) and the R.A.D section, which lists stats such as keystrokes along with various “trophies.”


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