Sentey Lumenata Pro Gaming Mouse Review


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Sentey Lumenata Pro Overview

Some gaming mice, come in very efficient and cost effective packaging, this is adequate as most people throw away the packaging once they’ve taken the mouse out. The good people at Sentey decided to take a different approach, the full bells and whistles approach!


The Sentey Lumenata Pro comes packaged within a zippered travel case encased in a sturdy, magnetically sealed box. They even throw in a poster, door hanger, and a Sentey VIP registration card. I’m very impressed that they throw in a carrying case for this mouse, as it is normally a $25 option. Usually product documentation and driver availability is on a company’s website and minimal in the product’s actual packaging. Sentey decided to include everything you would need in their packaging and then some, including a driver/software installation mini-CD.


The Lumenata Pro itself is of a fairly common design, ergonomically. This top down view gives you a general idea of the mouse’s overall shape and button layout. Clearly it is a right-hand only mouse, which is also common among mice in general. Sorry my left handed friends.


The left side of the mouse features configurable forward and back buttons above your thumb, as well as the DPI selector switch below your thumb. The selector switch being below your thumb is uncommon in gaming mice but has proven to be an intuitive idea.


The right side of the mouse features two programmable buttons, and the center scroll wheel is also a button, and a 4 way directional pad for internet browsing. The cord is attached and wrapped in a heavy duty braid with a gold plated USB connector.

Sentey Lumenata Pro Dimensions

The Sentey Lumenata Pro is right handed and leaning towards the palm grip style, although you could comfortable use it in claw style if you wish. The dimensions, as shown above, are in line with most mice in it’s class. It fits my medium sized hands very comfortable, I would say it’s of a similar size to the Logitech G700, but smaller height wise than the G500s. Not as wide as the G9x, but taller. Hope these other mice references help, but if not, the actual dimensions are shown above.


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  1. Jon

    This is just a re-branded Shogun Bros Ballista MK1 from a few years ago. Even the software looks the same. http://shogunbros.com/commander/ballista-mk-1

    1. Jason Vaught

      Thanks for the comment Jon, I reached out to Sentey concerning the similarities to the Shogun Bros MK-1. Sentey informed me that the Lumenata chassis design is not exclusive worldwide but is exclusive in retail for Sentey here in the U.S.

      However they do caution that the components found inside the Lumenata Pro vary from those found in other, similar mice built on the same chassis. So while they are both the same design on the outside, they may not have the same type or quality of components on the inside. Hope this clears things up a bit.

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