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Comprehensive Disk Drill Review for Mac & Windows

Comprehensive Disk Drill Review for Mac & Windows

When it comes to data recovery, having a reliable tool can make all the difference. Whether you’re a Mac user or a Windows enthusiast, one of the best options out there is Disk Drill. Known for its user-friendly interface and powerful recovery capabilities, Disk Drill has made a name for itself in the world of data recovery software. This article provides a detailed review based on personal experience, showcasing various methods and steps to use Disk Drill effectively. To offer a more rounded perspective, we’ll include reviews, scenarios where you might need it, and a step-by-step guide for using its features. Whether you’re dealing with accidental deletions, formatted drives, or lost partitions, Disk Drill can be a game-changer.


Common Scenarios:

Accidentally Deleted Important Files 🗑

  • Imagine working on an urgent project and accidentally deleting crucial files. Disk Drill can help retrieve those files effortlessly.

Formatted a Drive by Mistake 💾

  • It’s easy to format the wrong drive in a hurry. Disk Drill’s deep scan feature recovers data from formatted drives efficiently.

Encountered a Corrupt Partition 📂

  • Corrupt partitions can make data inaccessible, but Disk Drill excels in recovering files from such damaged segments.

Step-by-Step Guide. Disk Drill Review For Mac & Windows:

Method 1: Recover Deleted Files Using Quick Scan 🔍

  • First, download and install Disk Drill from their official website.
  • Launch the application and select the storage device from which the files were deleted.
  • Choose the ‘Quick Scan’ option for a faster scan.
  • After the scan completes, browse the results and select the files you want to restore.
  • Click ‘Recover’ and specify the location where you want to save the recovered files.

Note: Quick Scan is generally faster but might not find all files. For a more thorough scan, use Deep Scan.

Conclusion: This method is ideal for recently deleted files that are still easily recoverable.

Method 2: Recover Files from a Formatted Drive 💿

  • Open Disk Drill and select the formatted drive.
  • Choose the ‘Deep Scan’ option to thoroughly search for lost files.
  • Wait for the scan to complete, which may take some time depending on the drive size.
  • Preview the found files to ensure they are intact.
  • Select the files to recover and click ‘Recover.’
  • Save the recovered files to a safe location, not the formatted drive.

Note: Deep Scan is more time-consuming but highly efficient in recovering files from formatted drives.

Conclusion: This method ensures a higher success rate for recovering files lost due to formatting.

Method 3: Recover Files from a Lost Partition 🧩

  • Run Disk Drill and choose the storage device with the lost partition.
  • Select ‘Search for lost partitions’ from the options.
  • Allow the application to scan for lost partitions, which could take some time.
  • Review the found partitions and select the relevant one.
  • Proceed with recovering the needed files from the found partition.

Note: This method is effective for retrieving data from partitions that have become inaccessible or disappeared.

Conclusion: Perfect for gaining access to lost or hidden partitions and recovering valuable data.

Method 4: Create a Disk Image for Safe Recovery 📀

  • Open Disk Drill and navigate to the ‘Extra Tools’ tab.
  • Select ‘Backup into Disk Image’ and choose the drive you want to image.
  • Specify the output location and format for the disk image.
  • Click ‘Create Backup’ and wait for the process to complete.
  • Use the disk image for safe recovery by mounting it as a virtual drive in Disk Drill.

Note: Creating a disk image is crucial when dealing with highly damaged drives to prevent further data loss.

Conclusion: This method allows for safe and secure data recovery without the risk of further damaging the original drive.

Method 5: Preview Files Before Recovery 👀

  • After performing a scan (Quick or Deep), review the scan results.
  • Select a file and click the ‘Preview’ button to see its contents.
  • This feature helps in verifying the integrity of the files before recovery.
  • Mark the files you want to recover based on the preview.
  • Proceed to recover the selected files to a secure location.

Note: Previewing files is especially useful for ensuring that you recover only the necessary files.

Conclusion: Utilizing the preview function aids in selective recovery, saving time and storage space.

Method 6: Recover Data from External Devices 🚀

  • Connect the external device (USB, external hard drive, etc.) to your computer.
  • Launch Disk Drill and select the connected external device.
  • Choose the scan type (Quick, Deep, or other applicable options).
  • Let the scan complete and review the recoverable files.
  • Select and recover the files to your main computer drive.

Note: Ensure the external device is securely connected to avoid interruptions during the recovery process.

Conclusion: This method extends Disk Drill’s capabilities to recover data from a variety of external storage devices.


Precautions and Tips:

Stay Updated 🆕

  • Always keep Disk Drill updated to the latest version to benefit from the newest features and improvements.

Regular updates not only enhance the software’s functionality but also improve its compatibility with new operating systems and file systems.


Additional Insights

Disk Drill offers more than just basic recovery options. For users looking to recover data from specific types of storage, Disk Drill provides specialized features for iOS devices as well. This can be extremely valuable for individuals who frequently use their iPhones or iPads and need an efficient recovery tool for their iOS gadget data. Furthermore, the tool also supports the recovery of various file formats ranging from documents and archives to images and videos, making it a comprehensive utility. Another key feature is the ability to protect your data from future losses. The built-in “Recovery Vault” and “Guaranteed Recovery” options are designed to safeguard your files proactively.

For those who keep an eye on tech reviews, Disk Drill often emerges at the top in various surveys and expert roundups. If you’re into comprehensive evaluations, you might find this Disk Drill review on PCMag helpful. Another well-regarded publication, Macworld, offers its own in-depth review of Disk Drill for Mac, detailing its utilities and ease of use for macOS users.

For any queries, Disk Drill’s customer support is robust and responsive, with a variety of resources available in their help center. In summary, Disk Drill is a versatile tool that is essential for anyone dealing with data recovery, whether it’s from a personal or professional standpoint.


In conclusion, Disk Drill stands out as a versatile, reliable, and user-friendly data recovery tool for both Mac and Windows users. With a straightforward interface and powerful scanning capabilities, it’s an invaluable tool to have on hand. Whether you’re dealing with accidental deletions, formatted drives, or lost partitions, Disk Drill provides effective solutions. The added functionalities like disk imaging, preview features, and extensive support for external devices make it a comprehensive choice for data recovery. For those looking to safeguard their data, features like Recovery Vault and Guaranteed Recovery offer an added layer of security. By implementing these methods and tips, you can efficiently recover your lost data and maintain peace of mind. To gain more insights and user experiences, you can also check out Disk Drill Discussion on Reddit.

Find Disk Drill Review for Mac on Reddit, featuring pros and cons, expert ratings, installation steps, and details on the scanning process.


Disk Drill performs exceptionally in data recovery, boasting a high success rate for retrieving lost or deleted files on both Mac and Windows systems.

Disk Drill supports recovery of a wide range of file types, including photos, videos, documents, and more, ensuring versatile use for different data needs.

Yes, Disk Drill features a user-friendly interface, making it accessible to users of all technical levels with its simple and intuitive design.

Disk Drill allows users to preview files before recovery, helping you to ensure the file's integrity and confirming if it's the correct one before completing the retrieval.

Disk Drill can recover data from various external devices, including USB drives, external hard drives, and memory cards, making it highly versatile.

Disk Drill uses advanced algorithms to perform both quick and deep scans, identifying and recovering lost data efficiently from your Mac or Windows system.

Yes, Disk Drill offers a free version with basic recovery features, while more advanced functionalities are available in the paid Pro version.

Disk Drill includes additional tools to protect your data, such as Recovery Vault and Guaranteed Recovery, which help prevent future data loss scenarios.

Disk Drill provides robust customer support, including online resources and a dedicated support team to help troubleshoot and resolve any issues.

You can download Disk Drill by visiting their official website at Disk Drill. Be sure to choose the appropriate version for your operating system.