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Windows & HiDPI: Time For A Change

Windows & HiDPI: time for a change Windows has long since given users the option to adjust their scaling (ever since Windows XP, in fact), which allows you to – theoretically – enlarge all elements on your screen by 125%, 150%, 200% or even more. The concept here is simple, but effective: use an Ultra …

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PC Gaming on Ubuntu Linux

In this article I’m going to be talking about PC gaming with Ubuntu Linux. I will discuss several areas that at the end I hope will give you a better understanding of PC gaming on a Linux based OS and how it compares to traditional Windows PC gaming that you may be considering moving away from or to try something different. While I will give examples and basic instructions within Ubuntu. This article is not meant to a full guide on using Ubuntu, and as such, if there are sections that you have trouble understanding or want more help or information, askubuntu.com is a great place for help with specific problems or questions you may have with the OS. That being said, let’s get started!

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