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Tobii Tracker 4C Peripheral Review

Tobii Tracker 4C Peripheral Review Without a doubt, the Tracker 4C is currently a niche product, because while it can add a lot, eye tracking in games is still a new concept, but it is gaining momentum. Currently there are over 40 games that support Tobii eye trackers, but the company expects there to be …

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Tobii EyeX Eye-tracking Controller Review

Tobii EyeX Eye-tracking Controller Review Tobii’s EyeX eye-tracking controller promises to add more interactivity to some games by letting players take over certain in-game actions using nothing but the direction of their gaze. We spent some eyes-on time with the EyeX to see how it works… at TechReport Related Items: OCZ Vertex 450 Solid-State Drive …

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2014 CES Unveiled

There is a lot of excited stuff happening at CES 2014. I have to be honest, though, while I think 4K Ultra HD is cool, it is also currently way outside of my budget. I’ve seen a lot about LG’s new 4K TVs and curved screens. I think the technology is great, but I can’t afford it this year. At CES Unveiled: 2014, I went it looking for cool new tech that was within my price range and something that I could see myself adopting soon. I found a lot of cool stuff.

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