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How Sony Can Further Their PS4 Sales

It has been a little bit of a mixed bag for Sony in the past year. The PS4 is beating the Xbox One hands down. The console reached 18.5 million sales in its first year, beating the record of the PS2, which is the bestselling console of all time with 155 million units sold worldwide.

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Mad Catz Ultra Street Fighter IV Arcade FightStick for PS4 Announced

Mad Catz Interactive, Inc. (“Mad Catz”) (NYSE MKT/ TSX: MCZ) announced today that it has entered into an agreement with Capcom to produce the Ultra Street Fighter™ IV Arcade FightStick Tournament Edition 2, a Tournament Edition fighting game controller, ideal for competitive play

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Ozone Onda Pro Gaming Headset Arrives for PC and PS4

Ozone Onda Pro Gaming Headset Arrives for PC and PS4 The new ozone DSP Technology and the Voice processing really makes a difference thanks to the Ozone Vocal ENC (Environment Noise Cancellation) technology for dual omni-microphones. Pc and PS4 compatible. Available in February 2014. Msrp: 79.90€ With the NEW OZONE DSP TECHNOLOGY you will be …

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Madden NFL 25 Previews XBOX One and PS4 Graphics Performance

Today marks the launch of the first next-gen Madden NFL 25 Playbook, which is devoted to the visual and graphical details that make Madden NFL 25 shine on next-gen consoles. Utilizing the power of EA SPORTS IGNITE on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, Madden NFL 25 on next-gen consoles will be able to provide 10 times the visual detail and up to four times the texture resolution than ever before.

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EA SPORTS Madden NFL 25 Video Game Review

EA SPORTS Madden NFL 25 is more than another annual installment to the Madden franchise, it’s the brand’s 2014 edition to be sure, but it also combines teams and players from the past 25 years: 1989-2014. By collecting some of the greatest players to ever handle the pigskin over the past twenty-five years, Madden NFL 25 assembles the Madden Ultimate Team based on your preferences. Alternatively, you can keep things current and use players with 2013 statistics, or even manage your own team through Connected Franchise. In this article, Benchmark Reviews decides if EA SPORTS Madden NFL 25 receives the two-point conversion or gets sacked.

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Sony PlayStation and Microsoft XBOX Game Consoles Could Save AMD From Collapse

AMD Radeon Graphics Logo 300px

Can Console Gaming Save AMD From Collapse? The future of Advanced Micro Devices crucially depends on development partnerships for next-generation Sony PlayStation4 and Microsoft XBOX ONE console systems By Olin Coles One year ago Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (NYSE:AMD) company stock was publicly trading for $8.20 per share (16 March 2012), the highest point since …

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Sony PlayStation 4 and Microsoft XBOX ONE Gaming Consoles To Revive PC Video Games

Batman: Arkham City - Clayface Battle

Next Generation Game Consoles Will Revive PC Gaming By Olin Coles Electronic video games have come a long way since the Golden Age of Video Arcades to become an industry generating nearly 1-trillion dollars in annual revenue (according to Gartner – 2011). Once video games made the leap from quarter-gobbling cabinets to console and later PC, home …

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