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ROCCAT Siru Gaming Mousepad Review

Optical and laser mice will work fine on just about any smooth surface they encounter. So what is the point of a mousepad? To answer that question we would need a science lesson so we will sum it up with one word: Friction. Everyone has their own preference and ROCCAT has many different gaming surfaces to cater to those needs. Today, Benchmark Reviews will be testing the ROCCAT Siru Pitch Black Desk Fitting Gaming Mousepad model# ROC-13-070. The Siru mousepad is unlike any mousepad I have seen before, it is a high speed wafer thin surface and is truly non-slip thanks to an innovative backing surface. Read on to find out more.

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MSI Just Game Mousepad Review

MSI Just Game Mousepad Review The MSI Just Game mouse pad is the latest addition to MSI’s gaming series of accessories. The cloth surface MSI Just Game mouse pad has had special “firm-weave” treatment for extended durability and smooth mouse gliding. Underneath, the Just Game mouse pad uses a full-coverage natural rubber to ensure grip …

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ROCCAT Hiro Gaming Mousepad Review

ROCCAT Hiro Gaming Mousepad Review The Roccat Hiro uses a water resistant vulcanized silicone surface that is more durable than typical cloth mouse pads. The Roccat Hiro’s surface is also power-bonded to the rubber base with smooth, rounded edges that will not fray over time. The textured surface provides flexible movement options for speed and control …

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