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ASUS Z97-DELUXE Motherboard Performance Review

With Intel being the sole supplier of chipsets for their processors, all motherboards with the same CPU and supporting chipset will provide pretty much the same performance at stock settings. Vendors strive to distinguish their products with additional features, which can be as disparate as a clever new BIOS or entirely new hardware capabilities grafted on via custom or third-party silicon. From a performance perspective, ASUS has historically added value with enhancements to standard interfaces, such as their accelerated USB 3.0, and hardware and software features that make overclocking easier, even for the novice. With the Z97-DELUXE they’ve even added entirely new high speed interfaces: M.2 and SATA Express. If you’re looking for a future-proof board for your next rig, this could be it.

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Intel Haswell Linux Performance For Valve’s Source Engine Games

Intel Haswell Linux Performance For Valve’s Source Engine Games Earlier this week I delivered some 13-way AMD open-source Linux GPU benchmarks when tested against Valve’s Source Engine powered Team Fortress 2 and Counter-Strike: Source games. Now up for testing from the Steam Linux client on Ubuntu is the Intel open-source Mesa graphics driver performance with …

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Intel Core i5-4430 CPU LGA1150 Haswell Processor Review

When Intel sends out press samples of their new CPUs, they generally provide the top-end desktop products like the Core i7-4470K. And it’s fun to have the latest new super-fast processor to play with. But most people don’t need this level of power, and indeed in many cases even enthusiasts won’t make full use of the capabilities of a high-end part. Given that, might a less expensive, mid-range CPU be a better choice? Benchmark Reviews tests the mid-range Intel Core i5-4430 CPU, desktop processor model BX80646I54430, to find out.

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BIOSTAR Hi-Fi Z87W World’s First Intel Haswell Motherboard Approved by Microsoft Windows 8.1


BIOSTAR, major manufacturer of motherboards, VGA cards, industrial computer systems and other peripherals, today announces that its’ Intel Haswell motherboard “Hi-Fi Z87W” has received the Windows 8.1 hardware certification from Microsoft.

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Digital Storm VELOCE Intel Haswell Gaming Notebook Debuts


Digital Storm VELOCE Intel Haswell Gaming Notebook Debuts Digital Storm Unveils the 13.3” VELOCE Gaming Notebook – The Ideal Balance of Power and Portability VELOCE is the first Haswell based slim gaming notebook to feature a full HD 1080 display By Digital Storm Digital Storm today unveiled VELOCE, a slim 13.3” gaming notebook that packs …

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Optimized Binaries Provide Great Benefits For Intel Haswell

Optimized Binaries Provide Great Benefits For Intel Haswell Utilizing the core-avx2 CPU optimizations offered by the GCC 4.8 compiler can provide real benefits for the Intel Core i7 4770K processor and other new “Haswell” CPUs. For some computational workloads, the new Haswell instruction set extensions can offer tremendous speed-ups compared to what’s offered by the …

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