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GAMDIAS HERMES GKB2010 Black Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

If you have’t heard of GAMDIAS Technology, that’s understandable, since they were only founded in Taiwan in 2012. With a motto of Gaming Art in Motion, GAMDIAS seeks to “Re-define the electronic sports landscape for gamers worldwide.” The GAMDIAS HERMES Ultimate Black Mechanical Gaming keyboard is their bid to do so for gaming keyboards, and fitted with Cherry MX Black switches, a 32-bit ARM processor, 512KB of memory, 13 macro keys, external USB and audio pass-through ports, adjustable keyboard lighting, and the most complex macro software I’ve ever seen, it may live up to their boast. Benchmark Reviews takes a look at one of the most powerful and capable keyboards you can buy: GAMDIAS HERMES GKB2010.

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GAMDIAS HERMES Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

GAMDIAS HERMES Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review The HERMES Mechanical Gaming keyboard by GAMDIAS is a standard sized keyboard measuring 474.85×310.83x39mm (with wrist rest). The GAMDIAS HERMES mechanical gaming keyboard uses Cherry MX Blue mechanical switches. HERMES has built in memory of 512kb and a polling rate of 1000Hz. There are 13 macro keys and 6 …

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Gamdias Hermes Mechanical Keyboard Review

Gamdias Hermes Mechanical Keyboard Review After testing the Zeus Esports Edition, we’ll tackle today’s test of Hermes, the mechanical keyboard that accompanied it. Indeed, Gamdias launching a range of devices ranging from keyboard to mouse, through the headset. As we said about Gamdias with Zeus, the manufacturer has chosen the path of different aesthetic or …

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