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Using RAID-5 Means the Sky is Falling

In reality, most hard disks seldom see operating temperatures below the chill of a server room or beyond the warmth of rack space, and most disks will not commit an URE that crashes a RAID-5 rebuild. While it is agreed that better parity schemes exist, the exception is not the rule. My customer could have retained cold storage data to individual disks via removable drives, with no redundancy at all. In fact, most organizations already use a single removable disk or cloud container for their nightly backup routine. My customer choose a special backup appliance that fits three disks into a single cartridge, further protecting archived data and proving RAID-5 still has business applications.

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Thecus Compatibility with HGST Ultrastar He8 Helium Enterprise Hard Disk Drives Announced

Thecus Compatibility with HGST Ultrastar He8 Helium Enterprise Hard Disk Drives Announced Experience maximum capacity with Thecus NAS Thecus Technology Corp. today announced the compatibility of its NAS lineup with HGST´s Ultrastar He8 helium-fill hard disk drives (HDDs). By incorporating these new drives with Thecus NAS, users will be able to increase storage capacity while maintaining a quieter, energy …

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