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AVEXIR Blitz 1.1 DDR3 RAM Memory Review

I love it when a company innovates and brings a product to market that people really want. AVEXIR have done just that with their Blitz 1.1 series DDR3 PC memory range – with designs based on popular gaming motherboard brands. For this review AVEXIR have kindly sent Benchmark Reviews a wide range of samples for our testing pleasure. For performance testing, two of the seven memory modules were paired together to form the equivalent of an 8GB dual channel 1600MHz CL9 memory kit (model# AVD3U16000904G-2BZ1). This review will showcase the Blitz 1.1 series PC memory range available from AVEXIR as well as providing vital performance information.

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Avexir Core Series 3100 MHz 2x 4GB DDR3 Review

Avexir Core Series 3100 MHz 2x 4GB DDR3 Review A few weeks ago, my first product sample from Avexir arrived, and since then, I have been playing with Avexir’s latest Core Series modules built specifically for Intel’s Z87 platform using Haswell-based CPUs. The crazily fast 3100 MHz modules they sent me feature 12-15-15-35 timings at …

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