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AKRacing Overture Gaming Chair Review

AKRacing Overture Gaming Chair Review Before using this gaming chair from AKRacing, we have only worked with standard office chairs and we were really curious why these types of chairs are so much adopted by gamers, Twitch streamers YouTube vloggers and many more. Well, after checking out the Overture we could say that the added …

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AKRacing Rush Gaming Chair Review

I have a long personal history with chairs, going all the way back to my early days as an infant sitting tall in a high-chair. I recall the steel folding chairs heated by the sun during my graduation commencement. There was even a memorable chair that followed me around after college, and played several roles at the dining table and behind the office desk. More recently, there was the expensive Embody Chair that stirred controversy. In this article for Benchmark Reviews, I spend hours on my seat to test the new AKRacing Rush gaming chair.

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AKRACING AK-7002-CS Premium Gaming Chair Review

AKRACING AK-7002-CS Premium Gaming Chair Review First thing first, this chair is designed to appear AND feel like a racing chair. If you’ve never sat in a racing type seat before, you should know their design and build isn’t meant to be overly soft. This chair is quite a bit stiffer than your common squishy …

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