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Samsung 840 EVO SSD Review

Samsung 840 EVO SSD Review Now, when it comes to the SSD market, no other SSD vendor out there is making as much noise as Samsung these days and less than 10 months after Samsung’s initial unveiling of the Samsung 840, they’ve introduced the successor, the Samsung 840 EVO. Today we’ll be reviewing both the 250GB …

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Samsung 840 EVO Series SSD Review

Samsung 840 EVO Series SSD Review With the new series of SSD 840 EVO electronics giant Samsung has its solid state drive portfolio with a new product family. This means that the new EVO series between the Basic and the high-end SSD 840 Series SSD 840 Pro joins. We have for you tested the 120, 250, …

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Samsung 840 EVO Solid State Drive Review

Samsung 840 EVO Solid State Drive Review Replacing the non-Pro 840 models in their product stack and sitting just below the 840 Pro the Evo SSDs arrive in capacities of 120GB-1TB and include some rather interesting software developments. These aim to give us a boost in performance past the level we would normally expect from a …

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