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  1. Light Idea: Getting More From Our Lamps — 25 October 2013
  2. NVIDIA G-SYNC Technology: An In-Depth Look — 23 October 2013
  3. JDI GoldX USB Optical Wireless Mouse Review — 13 October 2013

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Light Idea: Getting More From Our Lamps

As Brick Tamland from Anchorman said, “I love Lamp.” When asked again if he was saying this just because he saw it, or if he really did love Lamp, Brick replied, “I love Lamp. I love Lamp.” This state of mind is one that is tied deeply into all of our consciousness’. Brick is merely a fictional character in a Hollywood movie regardless. We as humans have a natural pattern called the Circadian Rhythm. I am here to give my opinion on why you might love Lamp, what Lamps can do for you, and a few other interesting tidbits about how a simple Lamp can be the difference between a good day and a great day.

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NVIDIA G-SYNC Technology: An In-Depth Look

A very special new piece of hardware technology has recently been released at a conference in Montreal on October 22, 2013. The new technology is called G-SYNC, by NVIDIA. G-SYNC seems to be the answer for a major complaint from PC gaming community regarding image quality in fast-moving video games. Tears, stutters, and lag are told to be totally eliminated with this new technology. NVIDIA’s CEO Jen-Hsun Huang put on a compelling performance at the conference in Montreal this past Friday. He announced some exciting new technologies, GameStream, GeForce GTX 780 Ti, ShadowPlay, and of course, G-SYNC. In this article I will give you my explanation, thoughts and opinions on this new tech called G-SYNC.

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JDI GoldX USB Optical Wireless Mouse Review

Tyler here, this Is my fIrst editorial for Benchmark RevIews so some slack would be much appreciated. In this article I wIll be reviewing the JDI GoldX USB Mouse manufactured by JDI TechnologIes, a Jo-Dan International, Inc company. For the purpose of describing where I wIll be reviewing this device, the review will take place In a home offIce setting. You might ask yourself why am I reviewing such a bland, low cost, consumer mouse. The answer to that questions and more will be found further In thIs review, along wIth some great photos, real lIfe tests, and a couple of benchmarks too. After this short introduction with features and specifications of the JDI GoldX I will go into an overview, test series, and end with my final thoughts and conclusions.

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