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  1. BitFenix Flo Gaming Headset Review — 15 March 2014
  2. Mobile Devices in the Workplace: What is at Risk? — 7 February 2014

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BitFenix Flo Gaming Headset Review

BitFenix, a company best known for their chassis development, has decided to venture into the peripherals market. The BitFenix Flo gaming headset, model BFH-FLO-KWSK1-RP, is their first attempt at the audio accessory market. The BitFenix Flo is a headset that is aimed at both PC gamers, and users on the go. With a removable microphone and interchangeable cables, the Flo can be used for that heavy gaming session at the PC or easily converted to be taken on the road.

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Mobile Devices in the Workplace: What is at Risk?

Let’s face it, smart phones and tablets have become a common part of life. It is not unusual to walk into a place and see a majority of the people with their eyes down, totally engrossed in a mobile device. This is something that happens out in everyday life and is becoming increasingly more common in the workplace. Laptops and desktops are starting to be replaced by tablets and laptop-tablet hybrids. No matter the business industry, just like computers, tablets and smartphones are becoming essential in almost all areas of business. Even if your business does not directly require your employees to have these devices to work, they are being introduced into your environment because they can assist in productivity.

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