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  2. Cougar 600M Gaming Mouse Review — 2 January 2015
  3. Cougar 700K Mechanical Keyboard Review — 5 December 2014
  4. LUXA2 Groovy Duo Wireless Speaker Review — 17 November 2014
  5. Cougar 700M Gaming Mouse Review — 29 September 2014

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Cougar 600K Mechanical Keyboard Review

Here at Benchmark Reviews we have seen a lot of Cougar products come through as of late. Today we are proud to review something a little different, the Cougar 600K mechanical keyboard featuring Cherry MX Blue switches. There are quite a few things that make this keyboard unique and set it apart from it’s previous flagship keyboard, the Cougar 700K. The feature set alone from the 600K create a special synergy for typing purists that not only puts it in a class of its own, but definitely needs further examination.

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Cougar 600M Gaming Mouse Review

Cougar has become quite proficient in it’s ability to continually surprise with innovation in peripherals. With the most recent iteration of their gaming mouse series, the Cougar 600M, the uncompromising engineering and design approach is stretched to the very limits by offering it at a more budget-friendly price. Just taking one look at this new species of desk-rodent raises an eyebrow — a hyper-colored orange mouse? Cougar boldly proclaims, “Yes” and demands you to look! Today at Benchmark Reviews, curiosity certainly has captured the cat, now let’s see if the 600M can roar!

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Cougar 700K Mechanical Keyboard Review

Cougar has raised the standards for computer peripherals with one of the most current offerings, the Cougar 700K mechanical keyboard. This is a top-tier Cherry MX Mechanical keyboard with not only full backlighting capability, but a slew of options specifically aimed toward gamers. In this article Benchmark Reviews investigates and unveils the features included with the Cougar 700K mechanical gaming keyboard.

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LUXA2 Groovy Duo Wireless Speaker Review

LUXA2, a division of Thermaltake, embraces the philosophy that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication and with this belief incorporates functionality and premium aesthetic appeal into their product designs. From concept to reality, they are committed to creating the best user experience. Today Benchmark Reviews examines the Groovy Duo Live Wireless Speaker, two portable Bluetooth speaker modules with the capability of stereo sound.

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Cougar 700M Gaming Mouse Review

Cougar, in expanding their line-up of peripherals, has recently added mice and keyboards to the mix.Today Benchmark Reviews examines Cougar’s second mouse released to the market: The 700M. Designed from the ground-up, the Cougar 700M boasts having a solid metal chassis, added functionality while embracing ergonomics, and a top-tier laser sensor. At first it appears that the 700M shares an amalgamation of characteristics from other popular high-end mice such as the Cyborg Rat7 and the Thermaltake Level 10M; however, it is in the execution and design that makes this product different.

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Roccat Kone Pure Mouse Review

Roccat has recently introduced their sixth mouse in the Kone line up: the Kone Pure. Benchmark Review’s has had the opportunity to take the new Roccat Kone Pure for a spin and see what is so different from the previous iterations. This gaming mouse sports an all new laser sensor for the ultimate in sensitivity, perfect for ultra high monitor resolutions.

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CM Storm Reaper Mouse Review

Cooler Master, a company world renown for their excellent case and cooling solutions, has recently augmented their Storm series lineup with some new additions. “What is this Storm series?” one may ask. It is Cooler Master’s answer for consumers looking for higher then average specifications, durability, and aesthetics. Today Benchmark Review’s has taken the opportunity to give the CM Storm Reaper a formidable shakedown to see what sets this apart from the rest.

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Antec SPZero Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Review

Antec Mobile Products (A.M.P.) is a division of Antec, a market leader in PC hardware. A.M.P. designs devices that not only change the way people experience life through their mobile devices, but do it in a style that it is attractive and durable. Benchmark Reviews has recently had the opportunity to examine one of A.M.P.’s latest products, the SPZero: a Bluetooth portable speaker with it’s own proprietary speaker driver.

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Sharkoon DarkGlider Mouse Review

Sharkoon technologies have been manufacturing pc peripherals since 2003 encompassing unique designs and convincing performance. Their philosophy states that “premium quality and affordable prices do not have to contradict each other.” Keep in mind that this statement is going to be put to the test. The DarkGlider has recently become available worldwide offering a plethora of features (common and unique to gaming mice). Benchmark Reviews is going to run this mouse through the gamut and expose what makes this product stand out from the pack (and if the Sharkoon philosophy stays true).

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