Sapphire Toxic Edition R9 280X Video Card Review

Sapphire Toxic Edition R9 280X Video Card Review

The Sapphire R9 280X with Tri-X cooling should quell some of the derision being poured out by Nvidia fans. The R9 280X by Sapphire comes with the dual 90mm fans and a single 80mm fan comprising the Tri-X cooler. The Tri-X cooler uses five vapor heat pipes to easily carry heat away from the GPU and into the dual vertical fin sections. There is an LED temperature indicator just above the I/O on the PCB, consisting of six LEDs. All that heat management allows for the highest clock speeds available direct from Sapphire. The 280X comes overclocked at 1100MHz with a boost clock of 1150MHz. There are 128 texture units in the 280X, and 2048 stream processors. The memory is clocked at 6.4 GHz and the card runs on 250W board power. The Sapphire Toxic 280X is 12.25” long and requires two expansion slots in a case. For added stability, the Toxic 280x uses 8 phase power for the GPU and 2 phase power for the memory. For added life expectancy, Sapphire uses their Black Diamond Chokes. The non-reference PCB board is braced by a back plate which simultaneously assists in cooling and adds great stability to the physical card, allowing the full length and weight of the card to keep from sagging… at HiTechLegion

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