Corsair Raptor M40 Gaming Mouse Review


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Corsair Raptor M40 Gaming Mouse Review

By Jeremy Miller

Manufacturer: Corsair Components, Inc.
Product Name: Raptor M40 Gaming Mouse
Model Number: CH-9000041-NA
UPC: 843591038812 EAN: 0843591038812
Price As Tested: $44.99 (Amazon / NewEgg)

Full Disclosure: The product sample used in this article has been provided by Corsair.

Corsair acquired Raptor Gaming last year in a deal that made quite a few in the European market quite happy.  Raptor Gaming was known for their quality gaming peripherals, and the deal meant that Corsair would be adding their expertise to the mix as well.  With the release of the new Corsair Raptor line of gaming products, today we will be examining the Corsair Raptor M40 gaming mouse.  It is a mid-range mouse (~$45) that appears to pack quite a punch for the price point, and definitely has the build quality expected from Corsair.  In this article Benchmark Reviews will take a look at the Raptor M40 and let you know if it is a true gaming beast worthy of its name!

The first thing you will probably notice about the mouse is the similar design to Corsairs M60 and M65, which is certainly not a bad thing.  The overall design is very eye catching, and the smooth top contrasts well with the rough texturized side grips.  The cutaway on the rear of the mouse is another nice touch for the looks, however could pose a problem for some with larger hands (more on this later).  The mouse is packed with a 4,000dpi optical sensor which is more than adequate for most users, however those that come from a high dpi laser mouse could be a bit disappointed.  On the bottom you will notice the many glide pads as well as the 3 screw weight system.  Packed with a braided cable for durability, a slick design, and an extremely customizable weight system the Corsair Raptor M40 seems to have what it takes on every level!

Corsair Raptor M40 Gaming Mouse

I have personally tested this mouse for several weeks now, and have run it through the vigorous grind of my day to day use.  It has seen extensive gaming sessions in a multitude of games, assisted me in my Photoshop endeavors, and helped me move from page to page in my internet browsing.  I will certainly give you the low down on how it performed, and let you know of every pro and con I have personally encountered.  Check out the full feature list below, and then we will dive deeper into the Corsair Raptor M40 gaming mouse!

Features & Specifications

  • High Performance ADNS-3090 Optical Mouse Sensor
  • Up to 60 inches per second and 20g motion detection
  • Up to 4000 DPI with 800/1600/3200/4000 steps
  • Selectable USB Response Rates (1000/500/250/125Hz)
  • Seven programmable buttons
  • Weight system: 3x 1.5g screws, 3x 4g weights, 16.5g total adjustability
  • Low-friction braided  cable
  • Extra Large PTFE mouse feet


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