Corsair Raptor M40 Gaming Mouse Review


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Corsair Raptor M40 Gaming Mouse Software

The Corsair Raptor M40 gaming mouse doesn’t come prepackaged with a driver disc, however you can download their software from the Corsair website.  Upon opening the software you will see many options spread across three different tabs.  On the first tab (Assign Buttons) you will be able to reassign the 7 buttons of your mouse to be able to play your games the way you like to play.  Want to be able to reload using the front side button?  Map it out and get it done!  You can also turn the LED illumination on and off from this tab.  The last thing you will be able to do here is record macros and set the playback options to your needs.  The macro functionality is absolutely amazing, and needs to be praised for the effectiveness.

Corsair Raptor M40 Software

The second tab is named Manage Performance and, as the name suggests, it lets you do exactly that.  From here you will be able to adjust the three stage DPI toggle (from 800 to 4,000), change the report rate (in ms), and adjust the lift height.  You will also be able to test your surface quality to ensure you are getting the most out of your Corsair Raptor M40 gaming mouse.  One thing that is missing from the M40 is the dedicated sniper button seen on the M60.  However you can adjust the sniper sensitivity setting on this page, and then simply map the sniper control to one of the 7 programmable buttons on the mouse.

Corsair Raptor M40 Software

The last tab is where you will save and edit your profiles.  The mouse allows you to save multiple profiles for use in a ton of different applications.  You are limited to 50, but the average user will never even get close to this many.  I found myself experimenting with different applications and found it worked very well.

Corsair Raptor M40 Software

I tested the polling rate with the report rate set at 1 ms to see if we were hitting on the 1,000Mhz we should be.  The test results are below.

Corsair Raptor M40 Test


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