Genius DVR-FHD568 Vehicle Recorder Review


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Genius DVR-FHD568 Dashcam Features

The Genius DVR-FHD568 is a 1080p dashcam video recorder kit that contains the following items: vehicle recorder, window suction mount, 12V DC car adapter to mini-USB “B” cable, and a nineteen-language quick start guide. Genius DVR-FHD568 (part number 32300110101) is available online for $103.26 (Amazon).

The core concept behind the Genius DVR-FHD568 is that it acts intuitively on your behalf, without requiring user interaction. To execute this function, the camera automatically turns on and begins recording as soon as power is provided from the vehicle at startup. An integrated 3-Axis G-Sensor in DVR-FHD568 automatically triggers the device to record an “emergency event” whenever movement crosses the sensitivity threshold, creating an audio/video file that cannot be overwritten unless you specifically delete it. Once the vehicle engine shuts down, the device continues recording for a set duration then automatically saves the file and turns off the camera.


Powered by an internal Li-Polymer 420mAh battery, the Genius DVR-FHD568 maintains a full charge with the supplied 12V DC car adapter to mini-USB cable that plugs at the bottom of the camera. This same mini-USB port allows a computer to connect to the DVR, enabling transfer of the recorded AVI files. Alternatively, a mini-C HDMI output is available to play back audio/video footage or still photos directly to any HDMI display.

The DVR-FHD568 camera body measures 3.1″ W x 2.2″ H x 0.65″ D (79W x 55 x 17 mm). At the heart of the kit is an 2.0 Megapixel camera with a large 1/2.7“ CMOS image sensor using high dynamic range for low-light recording. The video recorder is capable of 1080p full high-definition 1920×1080 resolution at 30 fps, or 720p HD 1280×720 resolution at 60 fps – both using the H.264 CODEC.


A distortion-corrected 140° wide-angle fixed focus (f/2.4) lens captures a large horizontal field of view, Nearly capturing the entire windshield view. The Genius DVR-FHD568 works well in all light conditions: bright daylight and nighttime driving. High Dynamic Range (HDR) enables video capture to remain crisp and clear in situations with high contrast.

An integrated microphone at the drivers side of the camera body picks-up sounds nearby to the camera, such as driver/passenger voices or those coming to aid victims of an accident. Audio is recorded alongside video, giving a complete account of details – including conversations or distractions.


Along the right side of the camera (as it faces out the windshield) you’ll find the power button. Menu option buttons positioned beside the LCD screen offer simple UP/DOWN/OK user interface control. Most menu options are straight-forward and require no explanation. During recording operation you can also make adjustments on the fly, including resolution and frame rate settings.

The LCD screen features a large viewing angle, so the driver can easily observe playback without changing position. Recordings can be viewed in real-time, or in playback mode on the 2.4″ color LCD screen. Menu options allow you to change the Panel Off setting to remain on continually, on for 15-seconds or 1-minute, or always off.


At the bottom of the camera body is a Micro SD memory card slot. Not included with the vehicle recorder kit, DVR-FHD568 requires a Micro SD card to save recorded video and photo files. For best results, I recommend using a Class-10/UHS1 speed Micro SDHC memory card for capturing high definition video files. The DVR-FHD568 dashcam will still operate without a micro SD card installed, allowing for ‘offline’ configuration.

The Genius DVR-FHD568 vehicle recorder offers a mounting point at the top of the unit, so it can be positioned to hang down from the top the windshield. On most cars, the suction unit fits neatly behind the rear-view mirror, positioning the camera behind or beside the mirror.


Genius includes a suction-activated glass mount for attaching DVR-FHD568 to the windshield. The suction mount is extremely strong even before activating the lever, so combine this with the ultra-light weight of the camera there should be no fear that the unit might fall off while driving (the same cannot be said for very heavy units, like the Papago! dashcams). Some experimentation will be necessary for tinted or coated windows.

In the next section, I discuss my test results with the Genius DVR-FHD568 Full HD Vehicle Recorder.


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  1. John Naylor

    In future reviews one of the “features” I think would be welcomed if the Dash Cam’s ability to record encounters with law enforcement personnel and the units ability and how easy it is to reorient the field of view to record same along with

    1. Olin Coles

      I’m not sure I understand your request. These cameras will record whatever they’re focused at, so long as they have power to remain operational. As far as reorienting that focus, I think this would be subjective to the individual and their placement of the device. A camera situated under the rear-view mirror of a car is easily turned, whereas a camera set off in far corner of the windshield would not be reachable.

  2. glenn

    John, check Youtube for some great video of day and night recordings of this camera. This cam I bought for myself. I also purchased a Cobra 820 dash cam for my wife, another excellent choice. I wanted to buy the two cameras and compare them myself. They are both very good cameras. I will buy an extra one, either or and toss it in the closet encase one of them fail me.

    I kept buying the cheap ones from Asia. They are garbage.

  3. Malc

    I am having problems opening the menu to set the cam, no matter what I do it will not open.

    1. Olin Coles

      Plug it into your computer or a USB wall charger for an hour, and then try. The battery might be dead, the adapter might not be working, or the unit itself is broken.

  4. Ashley

    Thanks very much for writing this review.
    I’ve been looking for a camera to place in my school bus to capture vehicles that run my stop sign while kids are boarding and leaving the bus (happens way too often, sadly). Of all the features I’m looking for in a camera, being able to capture the license plate is the most important thing. This is the first review I’ve read that actually specifies that the 590 is able to do this. Thanks again.

  5. seabear

    The quick guide does not explain very well. Is there a slow guide? (Like for old farts.)

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