Outdoor Tech Turtle Shell 2.0 Wireless Boombox Launched

Outdoor Tech Turtle Shell 2.0 Wireless Boombox Launched

Turtle Shell 2.0 boasts louder sound, longer battery life, Bluetooth 4.0 and more upgrades

By Outdoor Tech via Max Borges Agency

Outdoor Tech®, cutting-edge creators of action lifestyle accessories, just launched the Turtle Shell® 2.0 – the same recognizable designer form factor as the original Turtle Shell® but with major enhancements to the guts. Wholesale changes were made to the 2.0 version including the most advanced CSR Chip, upgraded drivers, the latest audio codecs, and a ridiculously long battery life.

Outdoor Tech Turtle Shell 2.0 Wireless Boombox Launched

“The original Turtle Shell® was extremely important in the development of ODT’s design language and in many ways put us on the map, but we weren’t satisfied just being another pretty face, we wanted to put out the best speaker in its class,” said Caro Krissman, Founder and CEO. “Our team nailed it on the 2.0. It’s packed with everything good from a feature perspective, but most importantly, it sounds awesome, with considerably more volume and all the clarity and bass you could hope for. All that and we managed not to raise the price tag.”

Featuring Outdoor Tech’s patented triangle-themed construction, the Turtle Shell® 2.0 provides omnidirectional room (or camp site) filling sound and the tough matte coated surface is built to withstand dust, water and shock at the IPX6 level– ideal for any action adventure or even the daily adventure of your shower. Two speakers and a passive bass port pump out 96 decibels of high quality sound, 25 percent louder than the original model, expanding the Turtles domain to larger venues and bigger groups.

The new Bluetooth 4.0 enhancements include a batter level ‘fuel gauge’ displayed on the source device, voice prompts to let users know what’s going on, and minimal power consumption. Users can get about 16 hours of play time on average via the rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

The Turtle Shell® 2.0 still has its signature camera thread allowing it to attach to tri-pods and a slew of standard camera accessories as well as the optional Turtle Claw bike and all purpose mount. The new suction cup feet at the bottom prevent jumping when your bass heavy tracks start to kick with all that new audio horsepower. Weighing in at just 0.65 pounds, it has a wireless range of up to 32 feet and can be charged via any micro USB cord.

The Turtle Shell® 2.0, $129.95, is available now in black, red, teal, white, electric green, electric blue, and two hot new colors – orange and purple – online at http://www.outdoortechnology.com/Shop/Turtle-Shell/, Tilly’s stores nationwide and specialty stores throughout the US and Canada.

For more information about the Outdoor Tech® Turtle Shell® 2.0 or other ODT products visit www.outdoortechnology.com.

About Outdoor Tech®

The fundamental dilemma: blending a modern lifestyle in the age of mobility with the drive to be outdoors. Our development of wireless audio has been shaped by this constant push and pull, to stay connected but not tethered. Mobile devices have reshaped how we live, but standing alone, they merely scratch the surface on enhancing our lifestyle. A mobile device that requires a cord to play music and have a conversation is like a brain using only portion of its potential, cut the cord to realize a higher consciousness. Outdoor Tech® is about escape; breaking away from the city, routine, and the mundane. Our pulse beats design, style and creation. We don’t define ourselves by the space that confines us, but we do draw from it. Our mission is to create stuff you probably want, stuff that enhance experiences with the outdoors, with technology, and within. To learn more about Outdoor Tech® visit http://www.outdoortechnology.com/ or find us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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