StarTech.com Wireless-N Travel Router Released

StarTech.com Wireless-N Travel Router Released

Ideal for travelers, the portable wireless router creates a wireless network from a wired connection, allowing multiple mobile devices to connect to the network simultaneously

StarTech.com, a leading manufacturer of hard-to-find connectivity parts, has announced the availability of their Wireless-N Travel Router (SKU: R150WN1X1T), which lets users create a WiFi hotspot from a wired network connection. The travel router makes it easy to connect wireless-only mobile devices such as iPads or smartphones to a wired network, and can be powered from an iPad wall charger or any computer USB port using the included USB extension cable.


The portable wireless router features a compact footprint that makes it an ideal accessory for any iPad user who travels frequently. The router allows multiple wireless devices such as smartphones, tablets or laptops to access a network simultaneously from a single, wired connection, without paying individual access fees for each device. The travel router also features a pass-through USB port that can be used to charge a mobile device even while the router is in use, so users can enjoy wireless Internet access while keeping their device charged.

“This compact travel router is an essential travel companion for anyone who travels frequently and requires wireless network access” said Carey Cline, Senior Product Manager for StarTech.com’s wireless networking product line. “Many hotels offer WiFi access for a fee and often lock in-room access to a single device. Also, depending on how many users are accessing the network, paid access can be slow and unsecure. With this compact router, users can create a secured wireless connection they can use with multiple devices, saving expense while remaining fully mobile”.

Features of the R150WN1X1T Wireless-N Travel Router include:

• Designed to fit on an iPad wall charger, with a compact footprint
• USB pass-through port, which enables simultaneous device charging while the travel router is in use
• Compatible with other USB-equipped chargers, with the included USB extension cable
• Supports multiple device connections

MSRP for StarTech.com’s R150WN1X1T Wireless-N Travel Router is £54.99 (GBP exc. VAT) in the UK. The docking station will be available from leading technology resellers including Insight, Amazon.co.uk and Dabs and is also distributed by Enta, Ingram Micro and Micro-P.

More details about this product can be found at: http://www.startech.com/R150WN1X1T

For questions about this announcement, please contact Christopher Dean 02032 899 955 [email protected]

About StarTech.com

StarTech.com is an ISO 9001:2000 registered manufacturer of hard-to find connectivity parts including A/V products, computer parts, cables and server management solutions. Founded in 1985, StarTech.com has locations in the United States, Canada, Mexico, The United Kingdom, Europe and Taiwan, servicing a worldwide market.

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