NVIDIA nTeresting Newsletter – 18 November 2013

NVIDIA nTeresting Newsletter – 18 November 2013

In this Issue:

· NVIDIA’s Tegra NOTE tablet platform gets reviewed and praised. Grab one now.
· Programming parallel processors just got simpler with CUDA 6.
· NVIDIA SHIELD is Best of What’s New according to PopSci.

Stylus-Packing Tegra NOTE Starts Preorders at Just $199

This week, NVIDIA and EVGA took the wraps off the much-anticipated EVGA Tegra NOTE 7, which is now officially up for pre-order here in the U.S through NewEgg.

At just $199, the EVGA Tegra NOTE 7 delivers unique features and innovations at a budget-friendly price point, including Tegra 4, a superb stylus, exceptional audio, HDR camera, 100% Android and great gaming. In the UK, ADVENT started pre-orders for its ADVENT Vega Tegra NOTE 7 on Nov. 7.

Critics agree, the EVGA Tegra NOTE 7 is value-packed powerhouse – leading one journalist to proclaim, “I can confidently say this is the best tablet you can buy under $200,” and another to say, “This is a good, even brilliant tablet.”

Others couldn’t stop gushing over the super-responsive stylus, booming audio and gaming capabilities:

“This is less than a Kindle HDX or a Nexus 7 and for its intended purpose it is arguably better than both.”

“Net-net, the NVIDIA Tegra Note’s stylus capabilities were surprisingly good, and the platform truly does bring it to the masses at a shockingly affordable $199.”

“The Tegra Note 7 simply has the best stylus input I’ve ever used outside of the (Samsung Galaxy) Note line. And it’s half the cost.”

“It’s no surprise that the gaming capabilities of this tablet are excellent.”

“We appreciate NVIDIA’s decision to offer stereo speakers on the top of the device, with an extra grille for bass. This results in a solid, full sound that’s enjoyable to listen to.”

Tegra NOTE is a complete tablet platform designed for our partners like EVGA and ADVENT to take to market. It includes NVIDIA’s hardware and software (right down to over-the-air updates), to our industrial design, accessories and network of partners in game development. Expect more Tegra Note-based tablets in the months to come.

CUDA is Better Than Ever

Leading up to next week’s SC13 conference, NVIDIA has announced CUDA 6 with 3 key features that will make programming with CUDA simpler than ever before.

“Kicking off next week will be the annual International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage, and Analysis, better known as SC. For NVIDIA, next to their annual GPU Technology Conference, SC is their second biggest GPU compute conference, and is typically the venue for NVIDIA’s summer/fall announcements. To that end NVIDIA has a number of announcements lined up for this year, so many in fact that they’re pushing out some of them ahead of the conference just to keep them from being overwhelming. The most important of those announcements in turn will be the announcement of the next version of CUDA, CUDA 6.”

The three key features include:

· Unified Memory — Simplifies programming by enabling applications to access CPU and GPU

· Drop-in Libraries – for easily replacing the existing CPU libraries with the GPU-accelerated equivalents

· Multi-GPU Scaling – Harness up to 8 GPUs for better double precision performance

“Some of the world’s fastest supercomputers use GPUs as co-processors to speed up computing. The last CUDA update, version 5.5, added support for ARM CPUs. CUDA 6 has also has improved libraries that could speed up calculations on graphics processors.”

Parallel program just got better. Simpler. Easier.

SHIELD Joins Popular Science’s “Best of What’s New”

Since 1988, the editors at Popular Science have combed through thousands of products annually in search of the top 100 innovations for the year. After months of assessment, SHIELD is headlining the entertainment section.

Included in SHIELD’s company on the list are Google Chromecast, Oculus VR Oculus Rift and Microsoft Kinect for Xbox One, among others. But it was SHIELD that stole the show, landing the cover photo as the new kind of portable gaming with entertainment capabilities like no other.

With SHIELD, gamers can take on the latest console-quality Android games in full HD with booming stereo sound, and the precise, familiar performance of a console-grade game controller. No wonder SHIELD has been awarded inclusion in the much-anticipated December issue of Popular Science, the most widely read issue of the year.

So what was it that had editors so excited?

“SHIELD is the first mobile console that anyone can get behind… The architecture is so robust that SHIELD can render detailed graphics—smoke, shadows, textures—either on its five-inch 720p screen or on any size HDTV over HDMI.

The device also has one of the largest game catalogs of any console. It can play any of the tens of thousands of games in the Google Play store, about 100 of which are optimized for the device’s controller layout. And users can stream PC games through the Steam cloud-delivery service via a tether to an NVIDIA-enabled PC. Also NVIDIA says it plans to one day stream games from the company’s own servers over LTE. How’s that for mobile power gaming?”

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