X2 XPAD Pro XXXL MP03 Mouse Pad Review


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X2 XPAD Mouse Pad Conclusion

IMPORTANT: Although the rating and final score mentioned in this conclusion are made to be as objective as possible, be advised that every author perceives these factors differently. While we each do our best to ensure that all aspects of the product are considered, there are often times unforeseen market conditions and manufacturer revisions that occur after publication which could render our rating obsolete. Please do not base any purchase solely on this conclusion, as it represents our rating specifically for the product tested which may differ from future versions. Benchmark Reviews begins our conclusion with a short summary for each of the areas that we rate.

Both the X2 XPAD MP02 and XPAD Pro XXXL MP03 are identical in performance, and merely different in size. In terms of surface feel, X2 XPAD uses a tight nylon non-snag weave that offers very little friction and modest feedback resistance. The large XPAD Pro XXXL adds comfort to elbows and forearms that come in contact with the desk, allowing the soft surface to reduce fatigue.

X2 Products warranties the XPAD series for two years, and expects five years of life out of them. I expect that users will see these mouse pads last much longer, as I’m still using one for almost seven years without signs of wear. The rubberized foam construction gives these mouse pads a firm cushioned feel to them, while the textured soft rubber bottom keeps in solid contact with the desk and prevents the mat from sliding.


In terms of functionality both XPAD products perform well, but the X2 XPAD Pro XXXL MP03 offers a much larger space for mouse movement. Additionally, the larger dimensions cover most desktop surfaces entirely, and allow a static-free cover that protects other sensitive components.

As of November 2013, the X2 XPAD series was not readily available for sale online. X2 Products suggests a sale price of 15.95 / €11.95 for XPAD MP02, and $44.95 / €32.95 for XPAD MP03. These prices fall in line with other products of similar size.

# Final words or recommendation.

Pros:Benchmark Reviews Silver Tachometer Award Logo (Small)

+ Low-friction soft surface
+ Comfortable neoprene center
+ Textured bottom grips surface
+ Large dimensions cover entire desktop
+ Offers good feedback resistance


– Will require cleaning over time
– Not as slick as hard surface pads


  • Performance: 8.50
  • Appearance: 9.00
  • Construction: 8.75
  • Functionality: 9.25
  • Value: 8.25

Final Score: 8.75 out of 10.

Quality Recognition: Benchmark Reviews Silver Tachometer Award.


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