X2 XPAD Pro XXXL MP03 Mouse Pad Review


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XPAD Testing & Results

Testing Methodology

Mouse pad testing is subjective, since quantified performance results cannot be obtained from a benchmark. For this reason, it is important to compare as many similar products as possible. In this article, three different mouse products were used on our collection of mouse pads. Performance was rated based on friction, feedback, and comfort.

Test Hardware:

  • Logitech G9x Gaming Mouse
  • Roccat Kone XTD Gaming Mouse
  • Corsair Vengeance M60 Gaming Mouse

Test Surfaces:

  • XPAD X2-MP02 (firm soft)
  • XPAD Pro XXXL X2-MP03 (firm soft)
  • RatPadz GS (medium hard)
  • RatPadz XT (very hard)
  • XTracPads Ripper XL (soft)



Mouse pads are divided into either soft or hard surfaces, and no combination of mouse or mousing surface will suit everybody’s personal preference. I like to use a lightweight mouse for easy movement on a hard medium-friction surface for subtle feedback. Another gamer might prefer a weighted mouse with an ultra-slick surface, while others want a slower surface. Generally speaking, no one size fits all.

The X2 XPAD series offers a firm, yet soft, low-friction surface that allows the mouse to glide but still gives moderate resistance feedback. Nylon fabric surfaces, like those used for X2 XPAD and others, work well with plastic mouse feet. All three mouse products tested had approximately the same degree of glide over soft surfaces, and would slide with modest resistance feedback from the soft surface.

Hard plastic pebble surfaces such as the RatPadz XT allow a much slicker surface, but offer nearly no resistance or feedback. Hard surfaces are good for regular computing, especially for extended periods of use, but the lack of feedback may cause a gamer to overreach and miss the mark.

Soft or hard finish notwithstanding, the sheer size of X2 XPAD MP03 adds an additional factor that is worthy of recognition. When you game, elbows and forearms rest on the desk’s hard surface. With a product like XPAD Pro XXXL X2-MP03, those points of contact are given a comfortable surface to rest on… no matter where they might be positioned. XPAD MP02 isn’t nearly as large, but it’s easily big enough for the mousing arm to rest atop.

Overall I really liked the feel, feedback, and comfort delivered by the XPAD series. Most of all, I like that XPAD Pro XXXL MP03 covered my desk surface, allowing for less pressure and irritation on my elbows and forearms.


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