X2 XPAD Pro XXXL MP03 Mouse Pad Review


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X2 XPAD MP02 Mouse Pad

The X2 XPAD MP02 is a portable Mouse Pad designed for gamers. Available from X2 Products for $15.95 / €11.95, the XPAD MP02 is ideal for mouse-side placement that does not cover the entire desk.


Each X2 XPAD MP02 Mouse Pad is built with high-quality neoprene rubberized foam, and measures 400 x 300 x 3mm (15.75″ x 11.8″ x 0.12″ thick). The total weigh of this surface is 215 grams (7.58 oz), so it’s easy to roll-up and take with you to events.


X2 offers this version of their XPAD mouse pad as a portable gaming surface, and warranties this mouse pad for two years. Similar mousing surfaces I’ve owned are going strong seven years later.


X2 XPAD MP02 is ideal for games that cause large mouse movements, such as those where you might constantly move the point-of-view in a vehicle or weapon turret.


XPAD’s 3mm-thick rubberized foam material offers enough cushion for prolonged contact with the mouse pad, while rigid enough to provide a low-friction surface for gaming peripherals.


The soft rubber underside of XPAD MP02 allows the mouse pad to grip to the surface and avoid sliding or unwanted movement.


These X2 XPAD mouse surfaces are put to the test in the next section…


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