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Closer Look: iTransfer

When the program is launched, a message is displayed indicating that a portable device can be connected to the PC. Once the source device has been connected, the user interface displays a list of media type to preview. The individual items are displayed in a familiar iTunes format with genre, year, rating and description.

There are several ways the files in the portable device can be transferred back to the PC. Simply pressing the large right arrow button in the user interface will automatically transfer the selected files to the default file location. Right clicking on any of the files displayed brings up a menu allowing the user to preview the file, or transfer it to iTunes or the default file location.

When we connected an iPad to the computer, the iTransfer program immediately identified the device and displayed a quick summary of the connected device data. The memory capacity, firmware version and serial number of the device are clearly displayed at the launch menu.

Downloading movies, photos and apps is very straightforward ,and 13 GB of content from an iPad downloaded very quickly.

One of the best features of the iTransfer is its intelligent use of right-click menus. these menus are generally context sensitive and make the process of moving information between the connected device in the PC very efficient.

The iTransfer does not attempt to replace iTunes, but you can get a lot done with the program that would normally require the use of the Apple iTunes program. It is very easy to transfer photos, music and apps in the opposite direction from your computer. There is a very nice feature that allows you to display only the files on the connected device that are not currently part of the iTunes library. This allows for a convenient way to update your library without introducing duplicates.

Playlists are also fully supported, and the iTransfer program allows you to create, modify and delete playlists with all of the functionality normally provided by iTunes.


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