Fractal Design Arc Mini R2 Review


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Arc Mini R2 Case Detailed Interior Features

In this section we take a more detailed look at the interior features of the Fractal Design Arc Mini R2 mATX PC case.


Intake is taken care of by a single 120mm fan with the option of installing a second fan at the front panel and an extra 120mm fan in the floor. Exhaust is taken care of by a 120mm fan on the rear panel and a 140mm fan up in the roof. The exhaust can be changed to support an extra 140mm fan in the roof or remove the 140mm fan and install up to three 120mm fans in the roof.


ATX PSUs up to 170 mm deep are supported when using the bottom fan location. If you don’t install a fan in the bottom you can install longer PSUs up to 220 mm deep. There are four rubber discs installed undewr the PUS to allow for a small amount of clearance and to reduce vibrations from the PSU fan.


Removing the top HDD caddy only requires two thumb screws to be taken out. The bottom HDD caddy and the ODD cage are secured by regular screws and require only a little more effort. This is a simple task that really doesn’t require any guidance.


A quick peek into the ODD bay will reveal the fan controller cables, these can be routed the same way as the front I/O cables. There are 3 fan headers and a molex power connector attached. There are 3 settings on the fan controller: 5v, 7v and 12v.


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