Fractal Design Arc Mini R2 Review


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Fractal Design Arc Mini R2 Case Exterior

In this section of the review we will be taking a look at the detailed exterior features of the Fractal Design Arc Mini R2 mATX PC case. This product is currently available online for $89.30 (Amazon NewEgg).


The front styling of the Arc Mini R2 keeps Fractal Designs’ traditional look. The Arc Mini R2 will allow high air-flow thanks to the large meshed front panel.


A new revision in the second revision Arc line-up from Fractal Design is the addition of a side panel window as standard. It is a very dark smoked side window that will only showcase what you light up inside your case, otherwise you just get reflections.


The right side of the Arc Mini R2 features a plain side panel. there is not much sense in wasting time and style on this side as it is generally hidden from view. The panels are reversible however, so if you wanted to you could swap the panels over.


The rear of the Arc Mini R2 is tidy and organised. There are two grommeted water cooling pass through ports at the top of the case for external water cooling options. There is an extra PCI bracket located to the right of the PCI slots to support PCI fan controller or other accessories, also very useful if you use a PCI/PCIe riser card. 120mm exhaust fan and bottom mounted PSU are the norm on today’s PC cases.


The top of the Arc Mini R2 keeps the styling of the front for aesthetics and functionality. Much like the front of the case the top is merely a panel. This panel is removable and reveals an interesting feature of this mATX case that we will cover in more detail deeper into the review.


Looking at the bottom of the Arc Mini R2 the first thing you notice is the large intake dust filter. The filter removes from the back of the case which could be a bit of an issue if space is a premium. Four reasonably sized rubber feet provide adequate ground clearance and anti vibration properties too.


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