Sharkoon DarkGlider Mouse Review


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Sharkoon DarkGlider Details

The choice of 3.19g or 3.79g weights may be utilized in the SharkGlider. Considering how slippery the mouse is (when using the ceramic pads), the more weight the better was used in testing. The Sharkoon tin conveniently holds all the accessories, including an extra full set of Teflon pads, and 2 spare ceramic pads. One thing to note is that the mouse weight chamber is exceedingly difficult to remove unless tweezers are involved. To remove the weights from the removable plastic nest they need to be poked out via a small hole on the back.

shark-weights shark-tin

For those on the go, there is a durable Velcro bag included that fits the mouse and cord snugly. The cord is non-binding and is sheathed in a synthetic fabric material. The gold-plated USB 2.0 plug is covered in heavy-duty plastic, slightly thicker then a standard USB plug.

shark-bag shark-usb

Moving on to the included software, the DarkGlider drivers are streamlined, logically organized, and displayed in an attractive fashion. The Button Settings panel is very straight forward, allowing to customize all mouse buttons. In the  DPI Settings panel, there is 6 stages that you can toggle on or off. Oddly enough there is no way of fine-tuning the specific DPI for each stage. The Color Setting panel has 32 custom colors to illuminate the logo, with a choice of intensity and pulsation frequency.

glider-control-01 glider-control-02 glider-control-03

The Advanced Settings panel is for selecting polling rate (maxing out at 1000 HZ), tracking sensitivities, and an optional boot-up sound wave (which is very satisfying to hear by the way). The Favorites panel is where all 5 profiles can be associated with games (or programs).

glider-control-04 glider-control-05

The Sharkoon DarkGlider doesn’t actually need drivers installed to work perfectly right out of the box. They are only needed for the customizations. Once the parameters are flashed to the DarkGlider’s memory, the mouse may be moved to other machines with all settings intact.


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