Sharkoon DarkGlider Mouse Review


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Closer Look: Sharkoon DarkGlider

The Sharkoon DarkGlider comes in a matt-finished box with a magnetic-flap cover. It is no nonesense in the fact that it lists the specs on the inside cover and that’s about it. A minimal package design yet still effective in showcasing the product.


Thumb buttons are almost recessed flush with the body with only a 2mm extension at the center of each button.  They are designed in such a way that the thumb covers both buttons easily (zero slippage). The entire surface of the mouse is covered with a type of synthetic rubber material. The advantage of this is that the porous nature of the synthetic rubber wicks moisture away from the palm easily and has the advantage of not being a fingerprint magnet.


The right side of the DarkGlider provides support for either the last two fingers or just the pinky. This is important to note since on this type of mouse you want to keep all fingers on it (versus dragging the last finger on the pad like some with larger hands prefer); otherwise, the “glide submersion factor” is broken (more on this below). Being that this is one of the largest mice on the market, users with larger hands will not have to be concerned particularly with that, but keep in mind that using the “claw” method may be a put-off.  The best technique for the DarkGlider is the “palm” method, or wrapping the hand over the mouse with the entire top of the palm touching.


The bottom of the DarkGlider not only provides access to the weights, but reveals the nano-coated ceramic lenticular pads. Up close the pads possess a shine very similar to dark chrome and are completely smooth. These pads make an incredible difference in contact surface dynamics, creating a precise and jitter-free experience. Recommended surface to use would be a soft mouse pad (cloth material with a rubber undercoating).


Another key feature is the DarkGlider’s backlit LCD display, which displays the current DPI. The screen is backlit red and is not adjustable for color or intensity (as the logo is). The 4-way all black scrolling mouse wheel can also be seen here: it has distinct notches when scrolling and provides pin-point control.


Aesthetically the DarkGlider has the lines and feel of the Mionix NAOS series mice, yet even more interestingly, it looks like a carbon copy of the limited edition Feenix Nascita mouse (a premium mouse that sells for more then double). Let’s examine the finer elements of this product and discover any more unique qualities.


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