NVIDIA GeForce GT 610 Video Card On Linux Review

NVIDIA GeForce GT 610 Video Card On Linux Review

If you are after a low-end graphics card for use on Linux, up for review today is the Zotac GeForce GT 610 Synergy 1GB graphics card that sells for less than $50 USD. The results in this Linux hardware review compare the GT 610 to a range of other AMD Radeon and NVIDIA GeForce graphics cards using the proprietary drivers under Ubuntu Linux. Even if you’re not interested in the GT 610, this article makes for a nice 12-way Linux graphics card comparison with the very latest AMD/NVIDIA GPU drivers… at Phoronix



  1. Blair

    A GT 610? Cmon! and for $50 Cmon! You can do much better that a GT 610, It is not really even good enough for media let alone anything else. Test after test has actually proved onboard GPU’s being faster than the GT 610, But then again I am sure since the GT 610 is dedicated it actually helps to out perform most onboard gpu’s in realtime. But still $50, You can get a GT 640 for $70-$80 bucks And a GTX 650 for $90 bucks, And you will actually be able to game decently with the 640 and 650, Buying a GT 610 for $50 or even buying it for $30 bucks just makes no sense!

  2. Blair

    I also saw a test showing the 610 and 520 beating a 9800GT, LOL Look I know the 9800GT is old and pretty much done for, But to actually display a benchmark of the 610 and 520 beating the 9800GT tells me these tests are absolutely bogus! The 9800GT has almost twice the power of a GT610 and it’s twin the GT520. The only thing better they have is DX11, But you can always use a crack to use a DX 10 gpu with DX11 , So you would be much better off keeping the old 9800.

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