Amazon Kindle Paperwhite E-reader Review


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Testing & Results

Testing Methodology

The Amazon Kindle Paperwhite doesn’t lend itself to many of the tests used when testing the performance of today’s technology. That doesn’t mean the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite has remain untested. For the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite , I performed two different tests. The first test was for readability under a variety of lighting conditions. The lighting conditions used were outside in bright sunlight, inside under low light conditions and inside with all of the lights turned out.

The second test was for battery life. For this test, I turned the brightness up to it’s highest setting. On the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite the highest brightness level is 24. I also left the Wi-Fi turned on 100% of the time. The device was used on average about 20 minutes a day.


I tested the readability of the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite under three different lighting conditions, outside in bright sunlight, inside under low light conditions and in complete darkness. Under all three circumstances, the screen is very readable. I did find it interesting that the brighter the lighting the conditions, the brighter the screen needs to be in order to achieve ideal reading conditions.

I’ve had the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite for about two and a half weeks. Not enough time to determine exactly how long the battery will last as the device is still going strong. Running the Amazon Kindle Fire as described earlier, I am currently at about 50% battery life. I fully expect my Amazon Kindle Paperwhite battery to last about a month. Under the conditions described by Amazon with the Wi-Fi turned off and the light turned to level 12, I would not be surprised if the battery lasted eight weeks as listed by Amazon. I consider this to be more than acceptable for battery life.


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