Amazon Kindle Paperwhite E-reader Review


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Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Closer Look

If all the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite had to offer was a good reading experience on portable device, it would be a good e-reader. However, the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite is looking to be more than just a “good” e-reader. The Amazon Kindle Paperwhite offers several more features that help take the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite to the next level.

One key feature for the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite is it’s Lookup features. The most often mentioned Lookup feature is X-Ray. The X-Ray feature is like having an encyclopedia on your Amazon Kindle Paperwhite connected to the books you are reading. If there are people, places or subjects mentioned in a book that you don’t understand, open X-Ray to learn additional information about topics covered on that page, that chapter or the entire book. The downside is that X-Ray is only available on topics Amazon has chosen. In addition to the X-Ray option, you can also lookup information using the dictionary and Wikipedia searches.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite X-Ray

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite X-Ray Information Lookup

In addition to the lookup features, the notes and highlights features make reading on the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite great for students or book club members. You can highlight passages to mark them for easy remembrance later or to add additional notes about a passage. You can also share marked passages on Twitter or Facebook.


The sixteen language translation options and vocabulary builder available on the Amazon Kindle Fire make it a great e-reader for new readers or those learning a new language. Anytime you look up a term in the dictionary, it is added to the vocabulary builder so that readers can go back and review new words. The translation feature on the Amazon Kindle Fire allows readers to look up foreign language words that may be unfamiliar to them. The sixteen translation options include Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhtte More Menu

When looking at an e-book reader, one of the most important features is the ability to get access to the books you want to read. A good e-reader with limited content is not going to be a great device. This is where the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite really outshines the competition. There are almost two million books available for your Amazon Kindle Paperwhite including almost 400,000 books that are exclusive to the Amazon Kindle. Over a million of those books are available for under $5.00 You also have the option to subscribe to newspapers and magazines via your Amazon Kindle Paperwhite. Although you probably will not find reading magazines on the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite to be a great experience.

Kindle-Paperwhite-Store.The Amazon Kindle Paperwhite has a number of features including X-Ray, dictionary lookup and language translation that make it a compelling device. Add in the ecosystem that surrounds the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite and it becomes a device that cannot be ignored.


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