Amazon Kindle Paperwhite E-reader Review


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Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Overview

The Amazon Kindle Paperwhite is en e-reader. Simple as that. It’s not looking to be a music player, a gaming device or a tablet. The Amazon Kindle Paperwhite puts the focus on the books you are reading. And it intends to make reading the best experience possible.

When the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite was first introduced, the focus was on the new, lighted screen. While users loved the new lighted display, there were some complaints regarding uneven light distribution across the display. With the second generation of the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite, the light issue has been addressed and the light is now distributed evenly across the display. With the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite, users have the option to determine the brightness of the display. At the lowest setting it is almost as if the light has been turned off. At the top end, the display on the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite is brightly lit.


In addition to the well lit screen, the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite display has crisp, easy-to-read text. Just as with the brightness, you can make adjustments to the text display to enhance the reading experience. In addition to the eight font size options, you also have six font choices and three options each for changing the line spacing and the margins.

Kindle Paperwhite Fonts

One of the advantages to the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite.is it’s portability. With physical dimensions of 6.7″ tall, 4.6″ wide and .36″ thick, and weighing less than half a pound, the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite can easily be taken with you to work, the beach or when traveling. The Amazon Kindle Paperwhite may be too big for your back pocket, but it will easily fit in your purse, backpack or briefcase.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Side

Thanks to it’s responsive touch screen, the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite is easy to navigate. You can access all menus by touching the top of the screen. You move forward from page to page by pressing the right-side of the screen. To move backward, touch the far left side of the screen. Because of the screen’s responsive touch display, all you need is a light touch to move from one page to the next. The quick refresh rate of the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite’s screen has resulted in a big reduction in the screen flash when moving from page to page.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Navigation

With the new iteration of the the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite, Amazon is putting the focus on making the Amazon Paperwhite an easy to use e-reader. That allows you to focus on reading. This is exactly what the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite is supposed to do.


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