BRAVEN 710 Portable HD Wireless Stereo Speaker Unveiled

BRAVEN 710 Portable HD Wireless Stereo Speaker Unveiled

Compact IPX5 water resistant speaker equipped with APTX, NFC and TrueWireless™ Stereo Pairing technology

BRAVEN announces the immediate availability of the BRAVEN 710, the ultimate portable water resistant Bluetooth wireless stereo speaker crafted from aircraft-grade aluminum and designed to satisfy even the most demanding audiophiles.

The BRAVEN 710 delivers the perfect blend of heart pumping bass, crystal clear highs and ease of use by perfectly incorporating powerful HD audio drivers, TrueWireless™ Technology and NFC. TrueWireless™ Technology allows wireless pairing with a second 710 to create a right and left stereo sound, while NFC enables linking with other NFC enabled devices by simply touching them or bringing them into close proximity.

BRAVEN 710 Portable HD Wireless Stereo Speaker Unveiled

True to BRAVEN’s heritage of speaker design, the BRAVEN 710 is equipped with a built-in noise-cancelling speakerphone and is capable for charging USB devices with its integrated power bank. It is IPX5 water-resistant, enjoys a unique mute functionality under Bluetooth Bridge to seamlessly synchronize streaming audio from your device to a stereo system and supports APTX technology. The 710 can also be daisy chained with additional 710 speakers to create a traditional hi-fi stereo system.

“The 710 is a prime example of how technology and design can combine to satisfy even the most demanding audiophiles on the go,” stated Andy Fathollahi, Chief Executive, BRAVEN. “The 710 is BRAVEN’s newest model and it incorporates all the technologies that have made BRAVEN a leading brand in portable wireless speakers.”

The BRAVEN 710 is now available for $169.99 in three elegant colors; silver, graphite and blue. For more information about the BRAVEN 710 or the entire line of BRAVEN Bluetooth speakers, visit www.braven.com or contact PR representative Pedro Chen at [email protected] Visit our YouTube page to see the BRAVEN speakers in action.

Product Details:

Custom HD audio drivers with APTX audio support
12+ hours of continuous wireless playback
Built-in internal speakerphone and power bank
IPX5 water resistant rating
Bluetooth connectivity with NFC
33 ft. operating distance
3.5mm line-in and AUX port


BRAVEN is dedicated to delivering stunning audio in portable Bluetooth speakers to today’s mobile consumer. As the first company to produce a portable HD speaker/speakerphone that doubles as a mobile phone charger, BRAVEN is an industry leader that combines first-class sound with unparalleled style. With an international reach that continues to grow, BRAVEN delivers the latest innovations to fans across the world. For more information, please visit www.braven.com or connect with us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/bravenproducts, Twitter at twitter.com/bravenproducts.

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