Gigabyte Force M7 Thor Gaming Mouse Review


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Laser Gaming Mouse Final Thoughts

The Force M7 Thor has a few minor issues, but overall I would say it is an extremely nice mouse for the price.  They obviously skimped on a few features in order to reach this small of a price tag (such as a braided cord, extra lighting effects, and a weight system), but the performance and overall feel of the mouse is superb.  While there are gaming mice on the market that trump this one, you will be hard pressed to find one with this many features and solid performance for $29.99 (Amazon NewEgg).

Gigabyte Force M7 Thor Laser Gaming Mouse

Gigabyte Force M7 Thor Conclusion

The Force M7 Thor can rival any mid-range gaming mouse on the market in terms of performance.  I was extremely impressed with almost all facets of the peripheral from the incredibly solid performing laser to the tactile feel of the left and right clicks.

Another place where the Gigabyte Force M7 Thor excels is in the looks department.  As far as appearance it is sleek and sexy with the beautiful black on black design.  The logo and lightning bolts add a little bit of eye candy for those that want to stand out from the crowd.

The mouse is generally pretty sturdy, however I would not trust knocking it off my desk too may times.  It has quite a few plastic parts, and the rubberized coating helps with the grip but will not do much if abused.  The gaming grade glide pads on the bottom seem to be very well made and are holding up extremely well.  The left and right clicks both feel very solid with a tactile click every time pressed.

The functionality of the Force M7 Thor, while not top of the line, are sufficient even for hardcore gamers.  The software that can be downloaded from the Gigabyte website offers numerous key bindings for the 5 programmable buttons.  The on the fly dpi switching works flawlessly.

The value department is where the Gigabyte Force M7 Thor really shines.  Gigabyte has managed to cram tons of features into a mouse that is available for a bargain price of $29.99 (Amazon NewEgg).  They cut corners in some areas, but none of the main features were skimped on.  The mouse is a spectacular buy for this price.

I would not hesitate to recommend the Gigabyte Force M7 Thor to anyone, no matter what the need, especially if they are on a budget.  The sheer amount of bang for the buck is what puts this mouse over the top.  Stepping up to the plate against the juggernauts in the gaming peripheral market is no small feat, and Gigabyte has proven they belong in the ring with the big boys!


+ Responsive 6,000 dpi laser
+ Great gaming performance
+ Stellar looks
+ Feels nice in the hand
+ Extremely high bang for the buck


– Semi-unreliable scroll wheel
– No weight system for customization
– Not many programmable buttons


  • Performance: 8.50
  • Appearance: 8.00
  • Construction: 7.50
  • Functionality: 8.00
  • Value: 9.50

Final Score: 8.3 out of 10.

COMMENT QUESTION: What is your budget for a gaming mouse?



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  1. Jamie Hampton

    Comparing the scores given with the reviewers comments of praise seems to be quite different from what I expected. I think the scores might be more accurate assessment, but don’t correspond to verbal praise.
    In my experience a number rating system is usually not as accurate as personal descriptive rating. For example: the Air Force performance rating was from 1 to 9 each year. No one got less than an 8, (unless they were getting ready to boot you), most got a nine or it was next to impossible to get promoted otherwise. So the descriptive narratives is where the reporting officials would make you shine above others who did the same job as you.
    How did the rating system becomes so bad I do not know. A “5” was suppose to be your normal Joe. 6 being better, 7 even better, 8 excellent, 9 outstanding. As I said most got 9 and so all became outstanding. To give an 8 the person must have did something that couldn’t be whitewashed or hidden from public(military review). If given a 7 you were not even doing your job so you were not wanted and was a way to keep you from getting promoted or able to re-enlist. 1 through 6 never existed unless you really pissed off your reporting supervisor or his supervisor.
    My hardest job was being forced to write a performance review on someone I never met and have only the people who have work with them and their views of his/her work. And any other paper trails available to read.
    What am I saying? That verbal reviews are more descriptive than numbers and I find more useful. Number ratings can be more accurate if used properly. Both if use, should coincide. Don’t give high praise then give a low number rating. It looks stupid.

  2. Jeremy Miller

    Thanks for your input Jamie! I understand your thoughts, however I personally do not see an 8.3 overall score being a “low number rating.” I think anything over an 8 is very, very good! The mouse IS very good, and I have used it a lot. Is it better than more expensive, high quality built gaming mice? Absolutely not. However given its price point, it is an excellent value for a very capable gaming mouse. Thanks again, and your input is noted on the number scale 🙂

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