CM Storm Quickfire Stealth Mechanical Keyboard Review

CM Storm Quickfire Stealth Mechanical Keyboard Review

For the most part we interact with our PCs through the keyboard. Since the dawn of the PC era, the keyboard has been one of the peripherals that has been with us the longest. Back in the day, keyboards had mechanical switches versus keyboards today have a squishy membrane for operation. The advantage the mechanical switches have over a membrane style of keyboard is the longevity of the device. Mechanical keyboards tend to last longer under heavy use. There are a variety of mechanical switches and my advice is go to out and test some to figure out your favorite. I tend to lean towards the Cherry MX green switches. The CM Storm division added another keyboard to their Quickfire line: the QuickFire Stealth. The name gives away little about the keyboard, but don’t let that fool you… at Modders-Inc

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