Sapphire Toxic Edition R9 270X Video Card Review

Sapphire Toxic Edition R9 270X Video Card Review

Along with the launch of the new AMD based Radeon video cards, Sapphire has made a change to all their specific model mascots. I could honestly say I like the change and it seems that Sapphire has made a good decision to use a specific character set to make it memorable and also color coded each of the models. Over the last 3 or 4 years Sapphire didn’t seem to have any rhyme or reason for their Toxic series, mascots and colors of boxes changed like the wind. Now Toxic finally has a color and mascot, Gold for the color and an armored avenger for the mascot who has the Toxic logo on the armor in the form of fans. A change I find quite favorable but we are not here to talk about mascots we are here to see what Sapphire has done to make the Toxic Edition R9 270X a worthwhile purchase… at HiTechLegion

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